LeBron James communicates his decision to Lakers

LeBron James is always there.Although there are many other stars NBA Sometimes appearing and disappearing, he He has played for the team for 21 seasons. This is the reality of the king.After being fully prepared, he is approaching 39 years old, but this does not stop him from continuing to put up amazing numbers and being at the top of his game every night; however, this does not prevent him from being An exception will be made.

Despite being focused on the race to get his fifth career ring, LeBron knows there’s something more important than this: his family. This is the whole story. An impeccable professional, James told the Lakers at the podium: What if his oldest son Bronny’s college debut coincided with a game? Regular seasonyou have to forgive hime, as he would leave and return the next night. This is how he explained to the media.

“Whenever he’s cleared and ready to play his first game, I’ve told my teammates that if they play on the same day as us, I have no choice but to see them in the next game. Family above all else… “When Bronny is healed and ready to play, I’m going to make sure to watch his first game,” he said.

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