LeBron James continues to set new records in NBA history

About whether LeBron James to be or not to be the best player NBAwill remain on the discussion table, there will certainly not be a general consensus, I put it at the top of the list, but what is not discussed is that it will eventually be people with statistics Reaching the highest level at the end of his career.

Last Monday night, when lakers Measured at Philadelphia, “King” James left behind again Kareem Abdul-Jabbarbut now in this field Longest playing time in history between the regular season and playoffs.We have to remember that last season, too james transcend Karim The highest points earned during the regular phase.

and 21 seasons Already 39 years old, lebron continue to build New brand in various fields and as Activities 2023-2024he will definitely break more, but when that happens, here are some statistics in which he is already number one.

Regular season

  • Shots taken 28,328
  • Spin the ball 5,028
  • Scored 39,078
  • Consecutive games with at least one point scored 1,438
  • Most games scored at least 20 points 1,191


  • Game 282
  • Score 8,023
  • 11,654 minutes played
  • Shots scored 2,872
  • 5,797 shots on goal
  • 2,412 two-point field goals made
  • Missed 2,925 times
  • 1,819 free throws made
  • Free throws made 2,456
  • Defensive rebounds 2,123
  • Robbery 471


  • Points 47,101
  • 66,319 minutes played
  • Number of shots fired 34,125

lebron He has mentioned multiple times that he wants to play professionally alongside his teammates. son browniewho are already at the university and can reach NBA exist 2024so statistics james will increase, plus physically it is in a good conditionsmaking his numbers at the end of his career almost unrivaled.

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