LeBron James’ hilarious conversation with Anthony Davis

LeBron James has been playing in the NBA for a while. The 38-year-old forward, now in his 21st season in the NBA, is seeking his fifth NBA championship and second with the Lakers. After talking with teammate Anthony Davis, James realized how old he was compared to his younger teammates and NBA stars.

During this period During the Lakers’ preseason game in Las Vegas, James said, “I’ve been playing here (Las Vegas) for a long time, probably since ’05.” LeBron also asked Davis: ” Where were you in 2005? “Are you a third-year student? “

Anthony Davis later responded that he was in “fifth or sixth grade” in 2005.

James’ career began in 2003, when he entered the NBA right out of high school. Meanwhile, he played his first game in Vegas in 2005, when Davis was in fifth grade. Interestingly, Davis is already 30 years old, far from one of the youngest players in the league, and James was still in elementary school when his career just started. Davis didn’t enter the NBA until 2012.

The age difference is even more pronounced when compared to some of the youngest players in the NBA. When James made his Vegas debut in 2005, many players were just toddlers. Meanwhile, Memphis Grizzlies 2023 second-round draft pick Gregory Jackson wasn’t even born when James started playing in 2003.

All in all, it’s just a testament to LeBron James that he’s been able to play at such a high level in the NBA for decades. Years after his debut, James is still making the All-Star team, leading his team to the playoffs and keeping them postseason competitive.

James and the Lakers have a preseason game against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday. Their regular season begins on October 24th.

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