LeBron James joins UFC? Bobby Green wants to defend his nickname inside the Octagon: ‘There’s only one king’

Senior UFC fighter, Bobby Greenbetter known as king He was convinced that he was the only king and he didn’t care who he fought, he even challenged one of the most famous kings, King James.

Looking ahead to the matchup on October 7th Grant DawsonRanked 10th at 155 pounds, nicknamed KGD (King Grant Dawson). Bobby Green He promises that he will find out who the real king is.

“There can only be one king. I just found out the name of the battle Grant Dawson It’s KGD. There can only be one king. “We’re going to find out.” “They’re going to chop each other’s heads off!” he said in an interview. TMZ Sports.

Bobby Green, UFC boxer

Instagram: @bobbykinggreen

Will Bobby Green face off against LeBron James?

Bobby Gurleyn was also questioned about whether he would fight with the Los Angeles Lakers star, LeBron Jamesnicknamed the King, despite the fact that king james It is 24 centimeters taller than him and weighs more than 40 kilograms.

“He’s a big guy, but he has no skills, I’m sorry. Skills pay the bills, sir. In the blink of an eye. In the blink of an eye, without even thinking about it. Of course. “I’m going to shave his ass! “The warrior explained. ultimate fighting championship.

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Bobby Green is a threat inside the Octagon

Bobby Green dazzled the Salt Lake City crowd with a victory over the Mexican-American at UFC 291 on July 29. Tony Ferguson With a spectacular suffocation.

Team USA’s victory came in the final seconds of the third round. After a confrontation, both gladiators came to the canvas. Green took advantage of his opponent’s accidental grabbing of his neck and punched him hard. Arm triangle choke force it to surrender Kukui.

The first round was interrupted when King poked Ferguson in the eye and forced medical personnel to go inside the Octagon to check on him. KukuiAfter a few minutes, the fight continued without any problems.

For the second round, green try to punish ferguson However, on several occasions, they were not enough to make him surrender, at least for that moment, because in the last breath of the battle, he managed to strangle him, thus achieving victory.

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