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LeBron James brought his talents to the tequila scene a few years ago when he joined Lobos 1707 as a financial backer. Now, the brand is re-launching a limited-edition version of the añejo expression, but if you want to grab a bottle, act fast because there are only about 9,000 bottles in total.

Founded in 2020 by Diego Osorio with a handful of partners, Lobos 1707 has attracted other celebrity backers over the years (as if LeBron’s star power wasn’t enough), including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Draymond Green. The brand’s core expressions include Joven, Reposado and Extra Añejo expressions, all of which are finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks from Spain (Joven is filtered to remove any color). The tequila is made at the Arandas Tequila distillery in Jalisco, and while there is a diffuser on site according to Tequila Matchmaker, Lobos said, Agave pina is cooked in a pressure cooker without the use of any color or flavor additives (it uses no additives). If it’s less than one percent, you don’t have to disclose it).

LeBron James and Diego Osorio

Wolf 1707

The añejo is a limited release emote that seems to be a very popular member of the lineup. It is aged in American white oak barrels for 12 to 18 months and then in PX sherry casks, which is a very sweet type of sherry that you will also often find used in the Scotch whiskey industry as a finishing barrel . There are notes of walnuts, caramel, and vanilla on the palate, which means it’s a shot of tequila, not a mix of tequila (of course, you can drink it however you want). “Our team at Lobos 1707 is so grateful to everyone who supported the debut of the newest member of the Lobos pack, helping to enhance your day and night life,” Osorio said in a press release. The folks behind this award-winning liquid are bringing back Lobos 1707 Limited Edition Añejo.”

You can purchase the Lobos 1707 Limited Edition Añejo (MSRP $100) and the rest of the collection now from ReserveBar.

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