LeBron James Museum Opens November 25

The museum will display memorabilia from James’ personal collection. Photo courtesy of LeBron James Family Foundation

AKRON — The LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF) has set a date to open the world’s first official LeBron James museum at House Three Thirty, 532 W. Market St. “LeBron James Home” will open on November 25th. A multimedia storytelling experience that takes you inside never-before-seen items from LeBron’s journey from Akron to the NBA and beyond.
Throughout the home, visitors will follow James and learn about his life through unique and famous items from his personal collection, including an all-white 2003 NBA Draft suit, the infamous 3-1 drum set, his high school McDonald’s All-American jersey and the original television in his Spring Hill apartment. St. Vincent – St. Vincent’s Recreational Events Mary (STVM) LeBron James Arena includes the original hoops and backboards used by James during his time at STVM. The gallery also houses fan art he’s received over the years, original shoes he wore during his most important moments, family photos from James’ replica office and notes he’s taken along the way.
The journey also takes guests through game-changing moments in their business and philanthropic endeavors, with the self-guided tour culminating in the story of LJFF’s evolution from a bike-a-thon into a world-renowned community-building model.
Reservations for LeBron James’ home court are now on pre-sale at: www.eventbrite.com/e/lebron-james-home-court-tickets-754838922537?aff =oddtdtcreator, with first public tours beginning on November 25th. General admission is $23 and all ticket proceeds will go back to House Three Thirty’s innovative career training programs, which provide I PROMISE students, parents, educators and family members with new skills and employment opportunities.
“My dream has always been to put Akron on the map, so having a place in my hometown where I can share my journey with fans from around the world means a lot to me,” James said. “I’ve held on to a lot of things over the years, and I’ve always known there would be a time and place to take them out. “I’m proud that this place is House Thirty Thirty, the one my foundation created Space designed to serve my I Promise family and the community at large. “
To celebrate opening weekend, original paintings of Dirk Rozich’s LeBron artwork displayed at the home entrance, as well as replicas, will be available for sale at House Three Thirty’s retail store.
House Three Thirty is a LJFF multi-use space for the I PROMISE family, the entire Akron community, and visitors from around the world to gather and participate in impactful programming. Thirty Thirty House brings together important resources under one roof, including family financial wellness programs, career training through a variety of dining, retail and entertainment spaces on site, and large-scale indoor and outdoor event and family programs open to all community gathering space.
For more information about House Three Thirty and all of its year-round products, visit housethirdhirty.com.

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