LeBron James’ NBA appearance records

After playing the 1,425th game of his NBA career, LeBron James set a new career record, surpassing Kevin Willis and ranking eighth on the regular season appearances list.

The Lakers won 106-103 in Orlando and just lost to the Sacramento Kings 132-127 in overtime. Los Angeles struggled as a visiting team early in the season, but they redeemed themselves.

The next player to surpass James will be Kevin Garnett (1,462), a contemporary player who has faced him multiple times in his career.

Lakers head coach Davin Hamm discussed James’ rest plan this season. “It’s easy for him to get caught up in the excitement of the game and forget that he has to rest to be in good shape at the end of the game because he’s a competitor like everyone else. But we’ve discussed it and he knows we His playing time needs to be reduced,” strategist Hamm said of his player, who comes from the 2022-2023 season and averages 35.5 minutes.

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