LeBron James questions Marvin Harrison Jr.’s guard on big game

Ohio State football super fan and NBA icon LeBron James took to social media to praise Buckeyes wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr.

Heisman hopeful wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. simultaneously ignites Spartans defense and creates Buckeyes during Ohio State football’s win over Michigan State Team history: Harrison Jr. broke the 1,000-yard mark with 149 yards receiving. For the second consecutive season, he became the first Ohio State player to reach 1,000 yards receiving in consecutive seasons.In the process, MHJ won some nice compliments From LeBron James, if he wasn’t the greatest high school basketball prospect of all time, he might be a Buckeye wide receiver.

That’s certainly a question worth asking, LeBron! Last season, Marvin Harrison Jr. was college footballs biggest star, according to Max Chadwick of Pro Football Focus (via Casey Smith of Sports Illustrated) The most efficient receiver in single coverage, gaining 848 yards and a touchdown on 14 one-on-one attempts when defended. It makes you wonder if LeBron has just discovered the blueprint for slowing down this stellar junior receiver.

In about six months, Marvin Harrison Jr. could leave Ohio State football, become a top-five draft pick and find immediate success in the NFL, where his father spent 13 years with the Indianapolis Colts. Years of prolific career. As it stands, Marvin Harrison Sr. ranks fifth all-time in receptions and receiving touchdowns, and ninth all-time in receiving yards. This will be an impossibly high standard for MHJ to meet, but these will be the expectations. The man who praised the Buckeyes receiver on the X last night knows a thing or two about high expectations, and as the father of an eventual pro player, he’ll be trying to follow in his footsteps.

Meanwhile, here’s another testament to LeBron James’ insane longevity: Marvin Harrison Jr.’s father played six seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, and LeBron was already in the NBA.

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