LeBron James reveals his thoughts on playing against Dillon Brooks

The attention and feud between the two players has gained national attention ever since Dillon Brooks said he enjoyed “poking the bear” during games against LeBron James and the Lakers.

Brooks joins players like Patrick Beverley and Draymond Green in being considered a nuisance. He was as popular for his antics as he was for his performance in the ring and tended to be a heel move like a professional wrestler.

In basically all of these matchups, James beat Brooks. The most memorable thing is that in the second round last year, James defeated Brooks in the fourth game to seal the victory, giving the Lakers a 3-1 lead and almost ending the series.

On Sunday, James and Brooks took center stage again.

James continued to attack Brooks, scoring consecutive points, including a run in the third quarter that made James turn to the bench and make a “too small gesture.” I’ve seen this gesture countless times, but usually, you bend over slightly to show off the size difference. James was as careful as ever, keeping his hands as close to the floor as possible.

James made a free throw with 1.4 seconds left in the game. Brooks made a desperate three-pointer, but James missed the shot. The Lakers officially sealed the victory and James became the best player in this battle.

After the game, James seemed in good spirits and had a thoughtful assessment of the Villains.

“He’s a great competitor,” James said. “I loved playing against him. He was definitely playing basketball tonight, too. He shot the ball really well. Keep them in the game. I think they were down seven at one point and he hit two great shots in the fourth quarter. Three-pointers, keep them in the game. It’s competition. Those young guys, they keep me going. “I need it. “

James’ perspective makes sense considering he’s played thousands of games in his 21-year career. He may need a little extra motivation to push himself to the next level in a typical November game.

The NBA in-season tournament does seem to give James and the Lakers extra motivation and success, so it’s no surprise that a little bit of banter was just the extra motivation James needed to remind us that he’s still the King.

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