LeBron James’ show ‘The Shop’ had Drake say he wanted to start a family with Rihanna, then appeared to express disapproval of Rihanna in new song ) expresses dissatisfaction.

Canadian rapper Drake spoke about his past relationship with Rihanna on LeBron James’ show, shop, he mentioned his desire to start a family with the singer. He addressed this on the show, which amplified rumors that one of his new songs was a slight swipe at his past lover.

The topic was brought up about Drake’s childhood, and he talked about how he was raised by his parents. His parents separated when he was five years old, which was difficult for the rapper growing up. Now, as a parent, he reflects on this while raising his son, Adonis.

“I was very hard on my parents because they gave me a childhood that I had to remember growing up,” Drake said. “I’ve suggested many times that they could do a better job co-parenting and be united. Stop being so divided.”

The “Hotline Bling” hitmaker talks about wanting to start a family with R&B icon Rihanna.

“I ended up in a situation where I didn’t have a fairy tale, like, ‘Oh, Drake and Rihanna started a family,’ like, so perfect. It looked good on paper. By the way , I want that too,” he added.

Oddly enough, most fans say that a song from his new album, for all dogs, also about Rihanna. The fourth track, “Fear of Heights,” begins with an interesting set of lyrics.

“Why do they sound like I’m still obsessed with you?, that can never be possible, Gyal can’t destroy me, he’s better than me, preferably not me.”

Most fans speculate that these words at the beginning of the song are a major clue as to why he subtly attacked his ex, his on-again, off-again girlfriend from 2009 to 2016.

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Drake allegedly made subtle attack on Rihanna’s song

The two famous musicians have not been in a relationship since officially ending their relationship in 2016. The Barbadian singer and actor later developed a relationship with ASAP Rocky.

In the second part of Drake’s first verse about his fear of heights, many believe he was referencing RiRi’s song “Sex With Me.”

“Yes your sex is average, yes I object because I’m with you, well I’m an aunt like your dad’s sister, an aunt like family photos, and I’ve had worse* ***** Than you, honestly, yes, that man, he’s still with you, he can’t leave you, y’all go on vacation, I bet it’s the Antilles.”

The first part of Rihanna’s song, on the other hand, goes a little like this:

“Having sex with me was amazing, with her, it felt good, the sex couldn’t get any better, make it last, make it last all night long.”

There’s nothing official, but given the history, it’s possible they’ll send each other messages about their past.

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