LeBron James showed unparalleled greatness in ’21, smothering Lakers teammates with a ridiculous fadeaway three-pointer

LeBron James is entering his 21st season in the NBA. The 38-year-old remains one of the top 10 players in the world and shows few signs of slowing down with age. Every year, LeBron adds new wrinkles to his game as he works to reduce the amount of contact his body absorbs throughout the season.

This year, LeBron seems to have been working on improving his outside jumper and adding a fadeaway to his skill set. In a recent video shared on X (formerly Twitter), LeBron can be seen draining a fadeaway three-pointer from the corner, impressing his Lakers teammates.

Since joining the Lakers, LeBron has taken more and more outside jumpers, averaging 6.7 attempts per game — more than he averaged with any other team in his career. LeBron shot 34.6% from three-point range in a Lakers uniform.

However, by adding fadeaways to his game, LeBron can create extra space on his jump shot, limit contact, and potentially improve conversion rates on outside shots. What’s impressive is that even though LeBron is in the final stages of his career, he continues to contribute to his game.

Players typically decline dramatically in their thirties. Instead, LeBron remains one of the most impactful players on the planet and continues to reimagine his game.

LeBron James has a strict daily routine

A big reason for LeBron James’ longevity and incredible success is the professionalism he displays in his daily life. LeBron maintains a strict lifestyle and makes sure that taking care of his body is a priority.

In a recent episode of the “Run Your Race” podcast, LeBron’s former teammate Danny Green discussed the Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s daily life and how LeBron doesn’t have time to relax:

“His day is so structured. I don’t think he can take it calmly. I think it’s timed. He’s so used to everything being scheduled, he’s like, ‘Okay, I’ve got two minutes Time, accept**.’

“He doesn’t have time to relax and take it in. He’s a big-ass kid, though. He has a lot of fun, but you’d never know it by seeing him in surgery, and you’d never know it’s a year of 20, Because he was just dunking and running around.”

As LeBron enters the 21st season of his career, he will likely stick to the routine that has brought him so much success. The Los Angeles Lakers have retooled their roster this summer and are expected to become a serious contender for the NBA championship.

LeBron will play a major role in any success the Purple and Gold have, and at 38 years old, LeBron has proven his longevity and commitment to developing the game.

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