LeBron James shows no mercy to Cowboys as he plays against them in ‘Madden 24’

LeBron James, an avid American football fan, took some time off before the start of the new NBA season to play Madden 24. In his most recent Instagram post, he took on the San Francisco 49ers against the Dallas Cowboys.

“Stop playing with me,” James said while showing off the score from a Madden 24 game in which the 49ers led the Dallas Cowboys 52-0.

LeBron James plays 49ers and beats Cowboys in 'Madden 24'LeBron James plays 49ers and beats Cowboys in 'Madden 24'
LeBron James plays 49ers and beats Cowboys in ‘Madden 24’

After Week 7, the San Francisco 49ers lost to the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football with a final score of 22-17, moving them to 5-2 in the NFL standings. They are tied for second in the NFC with the Detroit Lions and just behind the current leader, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys have played six games and won four of them. They currently sit in sixth place in the NFC after a narrow 20-17 win over the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 6.

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LeBron James could have made the Dallas Cowboys roster

With LeBron James’ size, he could be a great all-around football player in an alternate multiverse. But once he decided to play basketball, he always wondered what his life would be like if he tried American football.

In a report from Sports Illustrated, it was rumored that James was offered a contract with the Dallas Cowboys in 2011, when the NBA was in lockout. That didn’t happen, however, and the four-time NBA champion said he would have made the team if the shutdown had continued.

“I could have made the team,” James told the team. Sportsman. “I would have given it a try, but I would have made the team. … I just know what I can do on the football field. Especially at that age. One thing, I don’t mind working for something, so if I have to try out for the Cowboys or the Seahawks, or if I stay home and go back home to Cleveland, I’ll try out (out), but I’ll make the team,” James said.

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The Los Angeles Lakers will open their 2023-24 season against the defending champion Denver Nuggets in a rematch of the 2023 NBA Western Conference Finals on Tuesday (October 24) at Ball Arena. Their first home game will be Thursday, October 26, against Kevin Durant and the newly revamped Phoenix Suns.

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