LeBron James to release second children’s book in 2024

38-year-old NBA Lakers superstar LeBron James has announced that he will publish another children’s book in 2024.

The book, titled “I Am More Than,” will be released on April 2, according to publishing company HarperCollins Publishers. This will be James’ second illustrated literary project following the publication of his first book “I Promise” in 2020. Following the successful release of his second book in 2020, the NBA power forward will once again collaborate with illustrator Niña Mata, CNN Report.

“‘I Am Beyond’ is about believing in yourself and all the amazing things you are capable of doing that no one else can define for you. I hope everyone who reads this will be inspired to work on They go ‘above and beyond’ in everything they do,” James said in a release.

The book’s cover features three smiling children of varying skin tones holding up the title of the book in a bright illustration.

James continued: “With this next book, we (James and Mata) hope to continue to inspire kids around the world to keep dreaming and not let anything hold them back.”

A press release describes the book as “an empowering and inspiring picture book that shows young readers that they are more than just a label, trait, or interest—they can be anything they put their mind to.”

The book’s executive editor, Luana Horry, is confident the book will succeed in its inspirational goals, especially after the widespread impact of “I Commit.” Horry said the book “will undoubtedly inspire the next generation of leaders to achieve their dreams…and more.”

As previously reported, James’ first book, “I Promise,” became a No. 1 New York Times bestseller in its genre, solidifying its status as a classic. Meanwhile, HarperCollins has announced that they will enter into a two-book guaranteed deal with the James Foundation.

The NBA released the Los Angeles Lakers schedule earlier this year. James and the Lakers will kick off their season next week on October 24th against the Nuggets in Denver, Colorado.

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