LeBron James uses Michael Jordan to define Kevin Durant’s friendship

LeBron James Used the legendary one Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley To outline his relationship with Kevin Durant This will not negatively impact the level of basketball they play against each other.

Two of the NBA’s best players responded after a fan posted, “I hate this ‘we are all demons’ lol during games!!” in response to a photo James and Durant Speaking after a hard-fought on-court victory over the Los Angeles Lakers 122-119 phoenix suns.

Angry fans also pointed out JordanHis reputation for hostility toward competitors as he complained about situations involving a player many considered worthy of being with him was an example of how an athlete’s mentality should be JordanThe talent lies in james.

Durant The first person to respond was, “At some point all of you non-athletes are going to realize that competition among friends is more intense.” before. james His supporters posted a photo of Jordan and Barkley smiling during the game, along with a shrug emoji.

Why is it strange?

ironically, jordan and barkley They are definitely not friends now. Some suspect they never actually were. So even though they are Hall of Famers and two of the best players to ever wear a basketball jersey, it doesn’t really highlight the message James is trying to convey.

The two became estranged in the modern era due to disagreements over the direction of Jordan’s ownership. charlotte hornets But this goes back to the 1993 Finals.

Chemistry-friendly LeBron James and Kevin Durant meet in NBA season championshipRoberto Ortega

then both are chicago bullsthen assistant coach Johnny Bachrecalling how Jordan paid Barkley to not have to play with him.

“He’s not going to hinder me for the rest of the series,” Jordan allegedly said. “That’s $20,000 for me? Charles thinks we’re good friends. I hate that fat guy.”

Who will the Lakers face next?

The Lakers next game will be on Sunday, November 12th and they will Portland Trail Blazers Go to Crypto.com Arena.

The Lakers currently sit in third place in the Pacific Division with a minus-.444 record, while the Trail Blazers are even worse in fourth place in the Northwest Division with a .375 record.

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