LeBron James was born in the same hospital as Stephen Curry, and little-known connection to Taylor Swift’s new love Travis Kelce revealed

Both are top talents in their respective fields and need no introduction. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce don’t need each other to be in the spotlight. But since they started dating, the spotlight has been as bright as ever. Imagine two die-hard fans coming together and forming an endless chain of reactions. This romance has captivated pop culture and sports social media pages have become their romantic realm. Many hearts skipped a beat when they were spotted together. The “little known” and unexpected connection between Travis Kelce and LeBron James has been in the spotlight recently.

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Ahead of the new NBA season, fans are intrigued by this unexpected connection, similar to how LBJ and Stephen Curry.

Travis Kelce and LeBron James connection


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Before we get into the deep-rooted connection between Lyndon Johnson and Zeus, it’s worth knowing a little bit about James’ birth. The Lakers superstar was born in the same hospital as his nemesis Stephen Curry. Summa Health System in Akron is the birthplace of these two superstars.

Although James is three years older than Stephen, this special connection proves the adage “The world is big but also small“. What is surprising is that the same hospital produced two people who have won multiple championships, multiple MVPs, and multiple playoff appearances on the biggest stage.

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When it comes to the biggest stage, Kelce also has similarities to the kid from Akron. Both grew up in Ohio. Zeus grew up in Westlake, less than 50 miles by road from Akron. Although Swift grew up about 400 miles away from Westlake, she also has a fascinating connection to the Chiefs legend.

Kelce and Swift were both born in 1989, making the NFL phenom just a few months older than the pop star. Of the four entities discussed here, the former Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is the oldest. He’s heading into another tough season.

LeBron James is a strong man


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Lakers blogger Harrison Faigen noted Kelce James’ Ohio roots and according to him, the forward will return at full strength. Although he will turn 39 in December, the versatile player will enter training camp fully healthy.

It’s a testament to his work ethic, which includes an unparalleled workout regimen. This is great news for Lakers and Lyndon Johnson fans. The team comes in with high expectations after bringing back nearly the same core of players from last season and adding some incredible bench pieces.

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Training camp will set the pace for the preseason window, which begins Oct. 8. The main games will begin on October 25, when the Lakers can establish a solid chemistry. Will the team get off to a hot start like the past two seasons?

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