Legend Gianluca Vialli, the dispute between Lucarelli and Arena continues, which confirms the event

A new post was published on his Instagram page. Selvaggia Lucarelli the controversy raised yesterday by the same journalist over a charity match continued “The Legend of Gianluca Vialli” which will take place in Reggio Calabria on September 10. The journalist expressed doubts and bewilderments about the integrity of the charity event, which caused a reaction not only from the organizers, but also from the Vialli family, who emphasized in a press release that only the Foundation can use the name of the late football player for charitable purposes.

The match, which inevitably found itself in the eye of a storm, caused outrage Alessandro Arena, president of the “We Aut” association and organizer of the event that will take place in Granillo, who responded by announcing his intention to sue Selvaggia Lucarelli. Hence the answer that appeared this morning on the journalist’s social networks: “Yesterday I was looking into this issue. Organizer Alessandro Arena calls me. He keeps me on the phone for 40 minutes, explaining that he is actually raising money, but still has no idea where he will build a center for children with autism.

I ask him how much money the association has in its account now. He explains to me that he is actually putting charitable proceeds towards funding the next event, so little or nothing. I ask him for financial statements of his non-profit organization and details of a project in which he organizes charity matches. He replies: “I’ll send you everything right away!” Then he asks me to let go a little, because now social networks are against him and because of me he may miss the match. He greets me. Two hours later he tells the local press that he has filed a lawsuit against me.” The journalist ends her post with a laughing emoji with tears in her eyes.

Event confirmed

Meanwhile, the Arena announced with a press release that the event will take place as scheduled: “Nello Stadium Oreste Granillo in Reggio Calabriaduring two days, Sunday, September 10, There will be a football match at 9 pm”The Legend of Gianluca Vialli”in memory of the footballer of the national teams of Cremonese, Sampdoria, Juventus and Chelsea, who died on January 6, 2023. National Blues – National Blue WSA From Alessandro Arena and Dreamtime”Wine of Champions” From Fabio CordellaWith Patronage The Municipality of Reggio Calabria, the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, the Region of Calabria and with the support of the Archdiocese of Reggio Calabria Bova will give life to a commemorative event of solidarity, since funds from the sale of tickets for the match will be transferred to the We Aut structure, specializes in helping autistic children and raising awareness of the issue, and will feature former teammates, actors, singers and friends of the missing football great.

The We Aut framework offers support to children with autism, which is a serious neurodevelopmental problem that primarily affects speech and communication, social interaction and results in restricted, stereotyped interests and repetitive behaviour. We Aut raises public awareness of this issue through specific initiatives. and interacts with institutions to propose actions aimed at providing specific assistance to children suffering from this disorder, with the aim of placing them in a social and educational context: schools, structures suitable and appropriate to deal with this problem, which therefore also affects parents .

They confirmed their presence Ivan Zamorano, Ze Maria, Marco Materazzi, Wesley Sneijder, Francisco Lima, Pippo Inzaghi, DJ Alessandro Basciano, Cafu, Vincent Candela, Ernesto Cevanton, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Gianluca Costantino, Massimo Taibi, Vincenzo Iaquinta, David Di Michele, Amauri, Julio Cesar , Lawyer Marco Monetti, Kelvin Kuranyi, Marek Jankuloski, Giuseppe Sculli, Simone Pepe, Giacomo Tedesco, Emiliano Bonazzoli, Jorge Vargas, Francesco Cozza, Fausto Pizzi, Angelo Lagana. Sebastien Frey, Diego Lugano, Francesco Colonese Olympic champion Luigi Busa, Pierluigi Pardohost of the sports show “Tiki Taka”, music group Eiffel 65TV presenter Francesco FacchinettiBig Brother VIP winner Nikita, Francesco Monte, Pierpaolo Petrelli, influential person Enzuccio, Brazilian singer Gustavo AlmeidaGloria Estefan’s manager JC Salvatierra, world famous tenor Salvatore Cordellatenor at Milan’s La Scala theater. Paris Cataldo and his brother tenor Andrea Cataldo, who will perform together to form a world-class vocal trio, Cuban singer and composer John Secadawinner of two Grammy Awards, has sold 20 million albums and has been a composer for Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and the Colombian artist. John MejiaBotero’s student, who will be present at the match and will draw on the sidelines for the occasion, painting of the face of an autistic childwhich will be the image and symbol of the We Aut structure.

The participation of other famous world football stars, artists and famous TV presenters is inevitable. This event commemorates the untimely death of a great man and champion who, with extraordinary courage, fought his illness to the end without giving up. The city of Reggio Calabria wants to honor the memory of a world football star who stood out for his legendary skill on both a sporting and human level. Everyone knows his warm and gentle desire to impart to young footballers a teaching aimed not only at achieving winning results, but also at instilling in them the confidence to carry out football obligations without becoming discouraged in the face of the critical challenges that characterize him. we must face tireless perseverance, full of hope, with the same perseverance and the same hope, Gianluca Vialli was a truly outstanding example in the path of his illness. who demonstrated that he knew how to live, always looking serenely towards that horizon which he knew, unfortunately, he would inexorably have to reach. Those who participate in the celebration thank the master of football and at the same time the master of life for his enormous and loving dedication.”

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