Six stories written by Reno Brandoni, inspired by great musicians – from Billie Holiday to Jimi Hendrix, Lady Gaga to Paolo Fresu – that explore fragility and courage, talent and the obstacles to overcome, and stimulate reflection on topics such as inclusivity, disability and racism. With a choice of songs to listen to using a QR code. Release September 14, 2023. Presentation on September 25 at the Nina Vinci Convent of the Piccolo Theater in Milan as part of the 5th Milan Off Fringe Festival.


Six stories inspired by the heroes of world music: from Billie Holiday to Jimi Hendrix, from Lady Gaga to Paolo Fresu, from Frederic Chopin to Michel Petrucciani. Stories of fragility and courage, talent and obstacles to be overcome, which become a source of inspiration for each of us. Here are the stories contained in the book Music legends From Renault Brandoni (Editions Curcinecklace Curci Young together with fingerpicking.net).

The volume will be available from 14 September 2023 and will be presented at September 25, 2023 at 17:00 at Convent of Nina Vinci of the Piccolo Theatre. (via Rovello 2) as part of the 5th Milan Off Fringe Festival. Together with the author he will intervene Laura MoreauDirector of Classical Music Editorial Curci.

A guitarist before becoming a writer, Brandoni opens the collection with two six-string giants: Robert Johnson (King of the Blues) – considered the father of the blues and surrounded by a dark aura of legend, his story begins among the cotton fields along the Mississippi – and Jimi Hendrix (The Night They Invented Rock), the creator of a real rock revolution and a symbol of freedom for an entire generation.

The third story centers on a poetic nighttime dialogue between the tombstones of a Parisian cemetery. Classic jazz evening: the main characters are Frédéric Chopin, one of the greatest and most tormented composers of “classical” music, and the brilliant jazz pianist Michel Petrucciani, who suffered from a serious congenital bone malformation, “crystalline bone disease,” but was able to turn his life into a hymn to love and music . Then we travel abroad again with Billie Holiday’s extraordinary human and artistic parable (Billy’s Last Journey): his troubled childhood, redemption through music, the courage to singly denounce the lynching of blacks. Strange fruita powerful civil rights protest anthem.

Like a star inspired by Lady Gaga’s performance at the White House for Inauguration Day 2021, renewed by media around the world: the strength and determination of the American singer will become an example for a girl in a difficult situation who will finally find the strength to follow the path she has chosen itself, and not imposed by others. The last story Pauline, dedicated to Paolo Frese and dedicated to the deep love of music that was passed down from father to son in the family of the famous trumpeter and flugelhornist, a protagonist of the international jazz scene, who, however, never forgot the roots of his work. the land of Sardinia with ancestral traditions, sounds and colors.

Therefore, these are not biographies, but narratives inspired by the lives of these legendary artists, supported by in-depth bibliographic and musical research. The resulting profiles reveal the psychology and character of each main character. The men and women whose stories are told struggled, worked, fought to achieve their goals, especially the assertion of their art, their individuality.

The texts, taken from the illustrated books in the Legends of Music series, stimulate reflections on topics such as inclusion, poverty, disability, racism, freedom of expression, but also phenomena such as cyberbullying. Thus, reading becomes an opportunity to begin dialogue between generationsuniting only seemingly distant eras in the name of the deepest values, the expression of which is music.

For each story, the Spotify playlist offers a selection of recommended listens.

Book information: https://www.edizionicurci.it/printed-music/scheda.asp?id=26323#sthash.DwOlH5ig.dpuf

Presentation information: https://milanooff.com/programma/piccolo-teatro

For more information and contacts: info@edizionicurci.itinfo@renobrandoni.it

Renault Brandoni is a guitarist and writer with a long and important career of collaborations with Stefan Grossman, John Renbourn, Duck Baker and Dave Van Rock. He has been actively involved in music since the 1980s, releasing albums. bluesing (1984), Zingar (2005), Yelda (2006), Anema and Cord with Giorgio Cordini (2008)e Helpless (2017) and performs in major Italian theaters.

His adventures as a children’s writer began in 2017 with the publication of the illustrated book Edizioni Curci. King of the Blues, focusing on the fascinating and mysterious life of bluesman Robert Johnson. The following year they came out The Night They Invented Rockdedicated to the life of the famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix, and Classic jazz evening, an imaginary dialogue between Frédéric Chopin and Michel Petrucciani to compare classical music and jazz. In 2020 he publishes Billy’s Last Journeya passionate journey into the deepest depths of the blues, telling the story of one of the greatest jazz singers of all time: Billie Holiday.

He founded the website Fingerpicking, dedicated to the world of guitarists, and the music magazine Chitarra Acustica. He published for Le Ruzzole Octopus Goofy, Thief Collie, The stars are going out AND Slaves of music. He also signs a contract with Edizioni Curci. Nursery rhymes to make you feel like an adult (children’s rhymes by Maria Elena Rosati with music by Reno Brandoni and Stefano Nosei): a coming-of-age novel featuring 9 nursery rhymes set to music that can be listened to by reading QR codes hidden between the pages. The text also contains two passages: The sun is born for everyone AND Reverse nursery rhyme which features trumpeter Paolo Fresu. Also for Curci, the book will be released in 2021. Like a starbook inspired by the life of Lady Gaga, and in 2022 Pauline, inspired by the childhood of Paolo Fresu. Renaud takes his books with him to exhibitions and seminars aimed at audiences of all ages.


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