Legionella outbreak in Cáceres

a person diedand Six people aged between 55 and 85 were hospitalized at the following hospitals Caceres Due to the outbreak Legionella. The Extremadura Health Service (SES) said the deceased was 85 years old and that five men and a woman were among those admitted.

Both the SES Public Health Directorate and the Cáceres Health Directorate have started an “epidemiological investigation concerning Legionella infection” and are working in a “coordinated” manner with the aim of investigating the origin of the outbreak, after which Water Analysis of Public and Decorative Fountains in the Municipality of Cáceres.

In fact, the city’s mayor, Rafael Mateos, suggested that aerosols should be the main focus of increased controls because inhalation of aerosols Contamination is one of the most common forms of transmission bacterial Legionella pneumophila, recognized by the World Health Organization. In turn, the study “will make it possible to find out whether there is any link between the registered cases”, as Mateos admits.

In addition to the above-mentioned institutions, the Isabel II Canal and the Tahler company responsible for the parks and gardens are also carrying out water quality analysis. Sanitation controls have been enhanced at all sources in the city.according to WHO, Important Variations in Severity of Legionnaires’ Diseaseas it ranges from mild illness that occurs with fever to some forms of potentially fatal pneumonia.

Other common transfer methods

The other most common forms of disease transmission are jets and mists of contaminated water. Infection can also occur through inhalation of contaminated water or ice, according to the World Health Organization. The incubation period is two to ten days, There is no vaccine against the disease, although there are treatments.

With regard to those most affected by the disease, 75% and 80% of reported cases are people over the age of 50, of which men accounted for more than 60%. The disease has caused outbreaks in the past due to poorly maintained artificial water systems.

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