Leni Klum, daughter of Briatore (never found out): height, instagram and boyfriend

“With Leni Klum on vacation in Munich.” The post, published on Instagram by Italian entrepreneur Flavio Briatore, has sparked the curiosity of many. WHO…





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“With Leni Klum on vacation in Munich.” Post posted on Instagram by a useritalian entrepreneur Flavio Briatore aroused the curiosity of many. Who is that girl in the red bikini next to him on the boat? On a trip to Monte Carlo, his home and residence for many years, to his right is his son Nathan Falco Briatore (by his ex-wife Elisabetta Gregoracci) and to his left – oddly enough – Briatore’s other daughter, the beautiful young model Leni Klum. , born from a relationship with Heidi Klum and never recognized as an entrepreneur.

Elisabetta Gregorachi in mid-August on a boat with her son Nathan Falco. Hater: “One hundred years of Briatore.” She answers like this


Leni Klum is 18 years old, 1.63 meters tall.


The model was engaged to Aris Rachevsky, a Californian born in 2003, a hockey player by profession.

Who is the father?

The girl was born in 2004, a few months after the end of a love story between a former Benetton and Renault team manager in Formula 1 and a Victoria’s Secret angel. A break that caused a sensation. And this led Briatore to decide not to recognize his daughter. When Heidi Klum later posed for singer Sila, he offered to adopt her stepdaughter, who now goes by the double surname Olumi Klum.


For the first time, Briatore and Leni would have met only in 2018. The girl is now 14. In 2022, the relationship improved: the model was invited to spend a few days in Sardinia with Flavio and his half-brother Nathan.

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