Leo Messi on the day Honduras vs. Mexico controversial referee Ivan Button erupted

andEl Salvador Dispute Arbitration Ivan Barton inside Mexico vs Honduras Continue to create controversy.His decision attracted a lot of criticism, mainly from the Honduran media and followers, who called him “robbery” or “thief” To the referee. In fact, Barton is a controversial referee, and his decisions have caused huge controversy on other occasions. He had an outstanding international career and even became the most capped referee in Central America. Qatar 2022At the national team level, he also played in Under-17 and Under-20 World Cups, Olympic Games and Gold Cupswhile in the club championship CONCACAF, CONCACAF, League Cup and Club World Cup.

The controversy is so great that even Leo Messi himself ‘suffers’ physicallyAlthough he was criticized for not giving Lionel Messi a second yellow card against Orlando City at Inter Miami, he also awarded a controversial penalty to Josef Martinez during the duel.technician Orlando City, Oscar ParejaGuaranteed the penalty against Josef Martinez should not have been sanctioned and claimed Lionel Messi should have been ejected from the game for a double yellow card. “The message was not clear and the game should not have been punished like this. Those games had an impact and we are very frustrated. People want to watch football and referees have to be fair and that didn’t happen today. There were a few people” For Leo, in In the game where he got the double yellow card, I don’t care if it was him, but he must be measured by the same standards. Things have to be fair, but that’s not what happened on the field. ” said the strategist after the game.

As is customary, Salvadoran referee Iván Barton lives in the eyes of everyone. Central American and Caribbean Coffee Association, for their actions. But he has to manage heavyweights, so he is inevitably subject to scrutiny and criticism from all sides.

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