Leonardo DiCaprio paired with Vittoria Ceretti: here are the details that prove that this relationship is serial

In the past, Leonardo DiCaprio found love in the arms of Italian fashion model Vittoria Ceretti.

After his split from Camila Morrone in August 2022, Leonardo DiCaprio’s sentimental life never stops growing again. Over the course of the year, many celebrities have been talking about wearing the fashionable footwear, which was occasionally frequented by off-show star Gigi Hadid. Last but not least, the star was seen in several companies with Italian fashion model Vittoria Ceretti, 25. The former was photographed last month on a train to sample a glass in Santa Barbara or more recently on a train to share drinks at a club in Ibiza, Spain, as well as at last year’s Vogue World in London.

On September 22, Leonardo DiCaprio wore the shoes to the Versace show at Milan Fashion Week to support his new petite girlfriend. Relationships here seem like a set of accessories.

The debut of a beautiful story?

Since his time in Milan, Leonardo DiCaprio has been spending quality time with Vittoria Ceretti, but the duo has also shared moments with the actress’ mother. This is actually September 24th, which was photographed from one of three visits to the museum. The 25-year-old fashion model is where he met a member of his family, which seems to prove that his story is deviating from the series. “It has been a long time since the beginning of the past, and we are grateful that you can gain greater knowledge about this manner,” a recent report from a Page Six media source. Idyll and love for three…

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