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One of the actors most Hollywood codes in the last decade Leonardo DiCaprio. Translation took place in July Check out some movie recognition suggestions. To the point of this I decided not to participate one saga film of which He’s a fanatic.

Leonardo DiCaprio gave preference to certain cinematic projects, leaving opportunities along the way with films that have the potential to achieve great success. Let them know”Secreto en la Montaña”, “Spider-Man”, “Batman Forever” and “Boogie Nights”.“.

Asimism, alternative Don’t create a token character one of them the most famous sagas of all time and thousands of fanatics restored peace.

What character did Leonardo DiCaprio bring?

This was in 2015 when Leonardo DiCaprio I created an interview for ShortList where I admitted that I was filming important film documents, so I didn’t feel ready for such disappointment.

Among those productions in which an important role was offered, one can find Star Wars, the fanatical saga. Anyway, actor I didn’t accept the role of Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequel.

Leonardo DiCaprio tells the story of Anakin Skywalker ahead of Star Wars

The actor admitted that George Lucas thought about it to interpret the character: “También meet George Lucas above (…) I just didn’t feel ready to take that leap.. For now,” he said. Leonardo DiCaprio in an interview.

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