“Les dije que yo lo internacionalesé”

¡Mawell If only it were all over the world! If no one believes in the international possibility of your exit “Triple M” Now you have no doubts. Georgina Rodriguezpair Cristiano Ronaldoplaced in red no more and no less than in the rhythm of this song.

The model and entrepreneur posted two photos on her Instagram stories with this background theme and highlighted a short blue monochrome photo and I thought she felt phenomenal.

Instagram Takeover / Georgina Rodriguez

Without a doubt, Georgina, with the heart that she always assumes, comes very well to her with this phrase “now they say Triple M” that is heard in the topic.

Instagram Takeover / Georgina Rodriguez

The publication of the CR7 segment did not go unnoticed on the Cuban black market and subsequently noted that “Triple M” was playing by playing on them.

“When I told you that the international team didn’t talk about it, Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife Georgina Rodriguez was subjected to the Triple M.” Let’s follow the release of 46 around the world,” Mowell wrote on Instagram under a video of the model’s stories.

A song you saw on YouTube 20 million reproductionswhich confirms that it has turned into a full-fledged musical result.

Hatse became convinced of this within a few weeks. “internationalized the department” with The Triple M and I received a lot of criticism from other urban genre peers including Fixti Ordara th Dani Homais.

To the repeated controversy, the singer added that it is now fashionable to look for her tongue, but left it the numbers and music speak for themselves.

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