Letizia of Spain straw bag: light and chic for summer 2023

Letizia the Spanish and the straw bag: the triumph of summer in the gardens of Alfabia

After a golden touch at the Atlàntida Film Fest on July 31, Letizia from Spain returned to light up Palma de Mallorca and visit the Alfabia Gardens. With her were her husband, King Philip VI, and two daughters, Leonora and Sophia.

The whole family, who posed for photographers with a smile, celebrated the summer with clothes, flowers and accessories. Starting with the queen: Letizia of Spain with a straw bag actually brought a little bit of the sea to her image.

Letizia of Spain with her daughters Leonora and Sophia and her husband King Philip VI.

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Letizia from Spain is in full barbicor “fever”.

For her second visit to the island, the queen again wore a midi dress from this company. Adolfo Dominguez (released in 2020), features a V-neck and, above all, the color of the season, namely pink Barbie.

Letizia from Spain in the dress of Adolfo Dominguez

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A straw bag and espadrilles are a winning combo

She paired it with her favorite summer shoe, her signature crab-style flat-top espadrilles. Espardenez Torres. However, the straw bag, the most summer touch of her outfit, caught the attention: it is a model (medium size) of the brand. Audili MallorcaThe accessory goes well with the style of the shoe.

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