“Let’s go to the locker room and eat.”

LeBron James, like every other NBA player, is gearing up for the upcoming season. However, for a 20-year-old veteran like him, the preparation is very different from that of younger players. For example, he barely played in the preseason to keep himself fresh for the current grind of the regular season.

He has played in just two games so far in the current preseason. In these two games, James averaged only 17 minutes per game, ranking 11th among the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s scoring 11 points on eight shots per game, which shows he’s limited in his action.

LeBron James did wear this outfit during the Los Angeles Lakers’ recent game against the Golden State Warriors, but only played the first half. At halftime, he took off his uniform and changed into street clothes, but remained on the bench with the team. As well as supporting his team, the 38-year-old feels now is a good time to have a bite to eat.

While only the preseason and such antics are more acceptable, not everyone is amused by what James does. Five-time NBA champion Michael Cooper was one of those who didn’t like the icon’s behavior, and he spoke about it on the Showtime podcast.

“I don’t like it,” Cooper said of the situation. “He’s LeBron James, but you still have to respect the guy playing the game. I don’t mind him eating, but it’s ok to go to the locker room and eat… You come out and you come out and, you know, be part of the team.” (Video 15:50)

People are divided on whether it’s okay for LeBron James to eat on the bench. However, Michael Cooper’s stance on this issue is very clear.

LeBron James has been enjoying the NFL during preseason

As LeBron James and the Lakers prepare for the upcoming season, he’s also taking the time to show support for his favorite NFL teams and players. James was spotted attending yesterday’s game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Dallas Cowboys at SoFi Stadium.

He also took the time to praise some of the players who have performed well this season. Most recently, he called Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp a “beast” in an Instagram Story. This was Kupp’s second game since returning from injury. He also published an article praising the Cleveland Browns defense, led by Myles Garrett.

LeBron Tweets These Stories, One About Cooper Kupp, Another About Cleveland Browns Defense

LeBron James is certainly enjoying his downtime before the current regular season. However, it’s fair for fans to expect him to be as dominant as ever once the season starts.

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