Letters to Juliet: what’s true in the movie?

There seems to be a very interesting true story behind the interesting concept of the feature film.

Letters to Juliet this is a feature film directed by Gary Vinick (the director’s last film before his death in 2011 from pneumonia) scripted Tim Sullivan (Jack and Sarah, Flushed Out) AND Jose Rivera (The Motorcycle Diaries, Monster Catch). The title, in part, is inspired by the novel Letters to Juliet From Lisa AND Sale Friedman, a very special project that reveals the true story, although not everyone really knows what lies behind the real truth. With a truly remarkable cast, which, in particular, included Amanda Seyfried, Christopher Egan, Vanessa Redgrave, Louise Ranieri, Oliver Platt, Franco Nero, Marina Massironi and many others, the film was heavily criticized by critics.

Letters to Juliet - Cinematographer

Letters to Juliet notably, it arrived in Italian cinemas on 25 August 2010 and was distributed by Photos of Orel, and in the US it was released on May 14 last year. Film that was made Summit Entertainment And Applehead Pictures, The story centers on a lost love letter, a wonderful place like Verona, and a series of romantic relationships that form the backdrop of the entire plot. But let’s go in order: find out what a synopsis is in general terms and what elements of the story draw inspiration from real facts.

Letters to Juliet: scenario

Letters to Juliet - Cinematographer

Letters to Juliet sees the main character in a young girl Sophie Hall (Amanda Seyfried), whose job is to check the accuracy of articles in the New Yorker magazine, cherishing the dream of becoming a journalist. The girl is getting married Victor (Gael Garcia Bernal), who are about to open a restaurant and, making a kind of expected honeymoon, go to Verona, where, while visiting Juliet’s loggia, they stumble upon Juliet’s secretaries or four women reading and answering letters sent to a Shakespearean character who, as we remember, committed suicide for love. It’s just that the protagonist decides to lend a helping hand by helping the group answer a letter dated many years ago.

The subject of this letter is English, Clare (Vanessa Redgrave) as a young girl, she studied in Italy and fell in love with a boy with whom she did not have the courage to elope. At this moment, Claire appears in Verona in the company of her nephew. Charlie (Christopher Egan) going in search of a mysterious boy who has now become a man, or rather Lorenzo Bartolini (Franco Nero).

The True Story of Juliet’s Secretaries

Letters to Juliet - Cinematographer

Well, just Juliet’s secretaries that we see inside Letters to Julietthat is Isabella, Francesca, Donatella and Maria (interpreted by Luisa Ranieri, Marina Massironi, Lidia Biondi and Milena Vukotic respectively) are inspired by a real group, very present and active in Verona. It is about the so-called Juliet Cluba real women’s team (which also has a website!), who voluntarily and kindly respond to various letters addressed to Juliet Capulet. In fact, everything began in 1930, when the guardian of Juliet’s grave Ettore Solimanialready answered with his own hand the various letters left on the grave, becoming Juliet’s first official secretary. After his death, this project was revived later in 1972.

It all started with an idea Julius Tamassia and a group of artists who are heavily into history Romeo and Juliet From William Shakespeare. This Club, in particular a non-profit cultural association, annually organizes a competition. Dear Juliet (who annually awards prizes to the most beautiful letters), il Juliet’s birthday (in honor of the birth of Juliet herself), as well as an international literary award I write for love devoted, in particular, to love fiction.

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