Lidl says goodbye to mops and buckets with these three Vileda products

Three products from Lidl that will make you never have to use a mop againPixar

This has happened to all of us at some point. It’s time to clean the house again, and the task of mopping the floors seems like a hassle..This is one of the least rewarding and also Keep the floor moist for a while, so we can’t move around the house freely. There are even some tiles that are not water resistant and will be damaged if wiped with water.


Fortunately There are other ways to polish your floors besides a bucket and mop.Mops are a very good choice It doesn’t use water, is faster and more effective. Not all models are equally good, but there are some of the highest quality models that can keep your house spotless for less than what you spend cleaning now.

Lidl and Vileda revolutionize cleaning market with three types of mops

Lidl supermarket

Supermarket chain is throwing its weight behind ditching buckets and mops and launching New cleaning products.Specifically, different mops Adapt to the different needs of floor and personnel cleaning.This brand is none other than Viledathe absolute benchmark in this market.

Spray and clean mop

Vileda spray cleaning mop

It’s the most traditional of the three, but it has some nuances that make it unique.It is equipped with a 180-degree rotating cleaning plate, which enables it to cover The area is twice that of a traditional mop. It’s suitable for all floors and the microfiber cover is washable.cost 19.99 euros.

Easy to twist and wash cleaning kit

Vileda Easy Twist Cleaning Kit

This is a very sophisticated package that takes us back to the days of buckets and mops in a whole new way. It consists of a mop and a high-tech bucket that wrung out the mop and controlled its humidity. If we plug it in and press the pedal. It’s highly absorbent and is the best of the three options we recommend for removing floor grease. Its price is 27.99 euros.

Steam steam mop 1550W

Vileda steam steam mop 1550 W

Here we enter the world of home appliances with cutting-edge technological objects.this mop It works with steam to disinfect your floors in addition to polishing them: Manufacturer guarantees to kill 99.9% of germs. It can be used on both tiles and carpets. It also has a different triangular head, perfect for the corners of the house.Now available via €59.99, less than half the recommended price. Three bargains, no more mops, and a very clean house.

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