Light autumn jackets: 5 trends for 2023

light jackets fall 2023 they are ready to wear. The first days of the new season are actually meteorological fluctuations, ranging from heavy rain to bright sunshine. Between warm days and cold ones.

For this reason, it’s best not to be caught off guard and stock your wardrobe with everything you need to cope with mood swings in the weather. That is, different models for different needs. Striving for Fashion Items which, however, can last over time. And therefore to be exhibited year after year.

What models are the most popular in the fall of 2023? There really is something for every taste and style. And above all, it’s about leaders. universal, simple and which can be found in any price range. Here 5 best works which cannot but be in the wardrobe.

Oversized denim jacket

Each of us has worn it at least once in our lives. Jean jacket. Now it’s time to do it again and take inspiration from them. 90s. That is, focusing on a broad model, or rather, preferably oversized but without exaggeration. Like the ones you’ve always seen on nineties style icons since Gwyneth Paltrow To Winona Ryder.

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To give your jacket an even more authentic look, choose one made from genoa canvas with an airy texture. vintage, lived a little. But at the same time, we prohibit tears and frayed edges. Those who want to wear it in the evening in combination with an elegant dress can also opt for raw denim dark and linear.

light autumn jackets New York str S24 0665 copy

Light jackets fall 2023: oversized denim and a wink to the 90s (photo by Spotlight Launchmetrics)

Minimal coat

There autumn version of the Duster? It has the same shape, but is coat Made from warmer, cozier materials. Even if the thickness is still thin and therefore light. The seasonal trend demands it. minimum, with a schoolboy collar and lots of matching buttons. Possibly in neutral nuances. Part work uniform, part elegant and discreet clothing. Pair with bright tops, skirts and trousers for color contrasts.

light autumn jackets _Copenhagen str S24 0238 copy

Light jackets fall 2023: minimalistic and thin, this coat is for the first cold days (photo by Spotlight Launchmetrics)

Leather trench coat

This is undoubtedly trend strongest of the season. Or classic trench but refused Leather instead of the usual waterproof cotton gabardine. A way to update a great classic while still creating a statement piece. Its left bank and film noir style make it perfect to wear. In the evening with an elegant dress and high-heeled shoes, especially if chosen in dark shades. Those looking to tone things down a bit can take advantage of the trend for bright and saturated colors.

light autumn jackets New York str S24 2879 copy

Light jackets fall 2023: the trench coat experiments with leather and favors dark shades full of charm (photo by Spotlight Launchmetrics)

Waterproof oilcloth

If the trench coat is made of leather, how to protect yourself from it? rain? Simple. With the classics waxed jacket. Its elastic and satin surface can be a starting point for showcasing pastel or rich colors, playing with layers and combinations. Thus, combining business with pleasure. The choice is yours – give preference to classic models with hood or those who don’t, adding a hat as an extra personal touch.

light autumn jackets Copenhagen str S24 0040 copy

Light jackets fall 2023: if you choose linear and simple models, even oilcloth will become a cool thing (photo by Spotlight Launchmetrics)

Man’s jacket

He couldn’t miss it either. We’re talking about classics Man’s jacket in tones grey or from brownplain or with traditional motifs such as i check And Prince Galles. That is, the transitional part of the wardrobe. If the weather permits, you can take it with you instead of a real coat. And it is advisable to combine it with ultra-feminine clothes, in the name of opposites.

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To buy the perfect jacket, we recommend choosing balanced fit. Neither too tight or tailored, nor too big. The fit should be loose, but in no case excessive. This way, you’ll have clothes that can withstand seasonal changes and adapt to any style.

light autumn jackets New York str S24 1100 copy

Light Jackets Fall 2023: The men’s blazer is the perfect transition piece to enter the new season (photo by Spotlight Launchmetrics)


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