Like BLACKPINK’s Lisa, she confirmed that she was dating Frederic Arnault and surprised BLINK.

A few months later a rumor appeared BLACKPINK’s Lisa if you find this happening with Frederic Arnault, but the singer “MONEY” has not yet confirmed this. That being said, the company that only does this, YG, had very little time and made sure that they couldn’t say that they were in a relationship, but I soon smeared it.

Before this, the Thai translator’s subscribers were looking for clues to get to know each other. Lalisa ManobanUnder her real name, she is in an affair with a French millionaire businessman, some may not be sure about this and believe that he is not attractive enough for her.

(Photo: Instagram / @lalalalisa_m)

Has Lisa confirmed her relationship with Frederic Arnault?

Recently the maknae BLACKPINK she was caught having dinner with a businessman in Paris, France. According to the French, both will see the same thing romantic quote in a luxury restaurant, and when they get there, they are exposed to the same machine while they try to cover the front of the cameras.

Since the alleged rumor arrived, netizens have assured that with these images Lisa th Frederick they made it clear that they are in love with you they confirmed by relationship. The similarity they noticed was that Lalisa’s mother, the first, was present at the time, as well as her mother’s friend.

(Photo: Instagram / @lalalalisa_m)

Are Lisa and Frederic officially new?

Considering that the photos that are circulating in the world are real, it is safe to say that BLACKPINK’s Lisa He did not officially confirm his relationship with the French businessman. However, both are very sought after and it is likely that they have a good friendship that could develop into something more.

On the other hand, Lalisa’s fans were surprised by the news of the quote, and since the Thai girl introduced in “Crazy Horse” never left Frederick for a moment, he was present for the third time, and I experienced it when I arrived. in Paris.

(Photo: Instagram / @lalalalisa_m)


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