Like life itself2023/11/08

The week started off very busy… Monday we have to do surgery on Gandalf, my dog ​​brother Gandalf weighs 75kg, my borzoi is usually quite heavy, he entered the Mexican veterinary hospital weighing 58kg , it might have been simple gastroenteritis, but it was eventually diagnosed as intestinal obstruction. Intestinal granulomas or tumors.

Let’s hope the worst is behind us and things are in the recovery phase. They removed the granuloma in a complicated surgery with four inches of protective bowel on each side, and now we have to wait.

Dr. Misal Vázquez and Dr. Daniela Galvan spoke to me today, and they think everything will be fine with Gandalf. I believe them. I went to visit him at noon. He had stood up and walked, but had not eaten anything. I asked him to eat something, but he was in pain and seemed to ignore me.

I went to the hair salon with Lulu early in the morning. He misses Gandalf and refuses to go around Homer. I have been a patient of Chava since 1980, and it takes patience, yes, a lot of patience, to tolerate this barber who, by force of habit, has become my friend and confidant. Every time he asks me how to cut it for you, Miguel? My answer was the same: short and silent. It’s impossible not to talk to him, he’s one of the most widely read people I know, owner of Homer’s Paris 2000, and it’s a pleasure to debate with him. He can’t stand López Obrador but insists he knows his people better than anyone else and knows exactly what to tell them to keep them calm and indoctrinated. I had him read Claudia Piñeiro today and I was surprised, I think it was The Age of the Flies. Being a good reader he read two by two or three by three and in the middle he had a copy of Enrique Krauser’s “Spinoza in the Mexican Park” I don’t know which one but I just because of the title And love it.

Then I went to eat. My brother Manuel Lorenzo invited me to a meeting of the Mexican Union of Galician Merchants (Umegal). I am the son of a Galician, which makes me an official guest because it is Mexican Association of Galician Merchants.

I’m glad to see that most of the people are like you, real Mexicans, children of Galician immigrants. Among the guests was the Spanish consul. I don’t know if he had mastered the etiquette corresponding to this dignity, but he was Don Manuel Hernandez Ruygomez, the Spanish Consul General in Mexico City.

Sitting in the chair are Alfonso Martinez, President of the Galicia Center in Mexico, and Manuel Ángel Hermida, President of Umegal and a good friend of mine.

Today’s presentation was very interesting because they talked about social security in Spain and the advantages that the country’s citizens have in this regard.

I cannot retain that little bit of jealousy they gave me, and although I have always boasted about my Mexican passport and my Chilango pride, today, for the first time, I thought that, because of my father’s nationality, I have a lot of Spanish rights, from nationality to the possibility of receiving treatment in Spanish healthcare, it must be said that healthcare in Spain is already better than in Denmark.

Óscar Bujalance Blancas, Spain’s Minister of Labour, Immigration and Social Security in Mexico and Central America, and Ramón Lago Rodríguez, Secretary General of the Ministry, chaired the meeting with great skill and absolute mastery of the subject, some of whom were able to exchange views and Expressing my admiration for their work, soon I will have to visit them at the Spanish Embassy in Polanco, and maybe I will have no choice but to leave there as a monarchist and believe in the miracles of Iberia.

It’s Wednesday, mid-week, a good time to read, and Unagi is hanging out with Almudena Grandes, who dazzles us the more we read, Cardboard Castle, a great book. be happy.

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