Like the 2023 show, Scialpi is the winner of the third episode: updated ratings

The third episode of the show Tale e Quale, aired on Friday, October 6 on Rai 1, was won by Schiapli, who sang “Volare” as Domenico Modugno. Last in the ranking were Paolantoni and Cirilli, imitating The Roonets along with the evening’s guest Valentina Persia.

The third episode of the program aired on Friday, October 6, 2023, on the Rai Uno channel. Such and such a showbroadcast Carlo Conti With Cristiano Malgioglio, Loretta Goggi AND Giorgio Panariello as judges. This evening, in addition to them, a surprise fourth juror appeared: Amelia Villano, impersonator and former contestant on The Voice of Italy, who played the role of Belen Rodriguez. As for the performances, as always, the participants imitated ten great Italian musicians. Topping the list was Scalpi, who won the night by emulating Domenico Modugno, and they came in last. Francesco Paolantoni and Gabriele Cirilli that, accompanied by a great return Valentina Persiabrought to the stage a new version of the historical trio The Roonets.

Whoever Wins Episode 3, Preliminary Ratings

Scialpi is the winner of the third edition of Tale e Quale Show 2023. The singer topped the rankings, taking first place thanks to his performance as Domenico Modugno with the song Volare (Nel blu Painting i Blu). The performance particularly impressed the judges and spectators. Here’s the full rating for episode three:

1. Scialpi imitated Domenico Modugno.

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2. Lorenzo Licitra imitated Diodato.

3. Luca Gaudiano imitated Lewis Capaldi

4. Jasmine Rotolo imitated Shade

5. Alex Belli imitated Rosa Chemical

6. Ilaria Mongiovi imitated Lady Gaga

7. Ginevra Lamborghini imitated Dua Lipa

8. Pamela Prati imitated Donatella Rettore

9 Maria Teresa Ruta imitated Ambra Angiolini

9 – Joe Skillo imitated Lista’s representative

11- Paolantoni and Cirilli, along with Valentina Persia, imitated The Roonets.

Performances of the next edition of Tale e Quale Show 2023

The members will soon return to work to prepare the performances for the next episode, which will air on Friday 13 October on Rai 1. Here are all the scheduled performances:

Pamela Prati/Rosanna Fratello

Lorenzo Licitra/Adam Levine

Ginevra Lamborghini/Miley Cyrus

Scialpi/Boy George

Ilaria Mongiovi/Arisa

Paolantoni and Cirilli/Modugno, Franco and Ciccio,

Joe Skillo/Raffaella Carra

Luca Gaudiano/Al Bano

Alex Belli/Stash

Jasmine Rotolo/Macy Gray

Maria Teresa Ruta/Heather Parisi

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