Lil Nas X Unforgettable Live at Lucca Summer Festival 2023

lil nas x It is a phenomenon that transcends even his own music creation. His proposition is inseparable from the myriad registers with which he has faced the mass media, defining himself with every outing, provocation and intuition, as one of the leading interpreters of his generation.

with the success ofOld Town Road“, a single initially broadcast via TikTok and the release of the first full-length titled “montero“, in bizarre terms the redefinition of hip-hop imagery has gone radical, thanks also to a series of video clips that subvert all the stereotypes of the genre and expectations. genderTo plead for a provincial America that is bigoted and still fearful of everything that doesn’t conform to identity and sexual normativeity.

like a songthat’s what I want“A veritable hymn to the expression of queer desire, there also exists a bedrock of transmedia propaganda that has exploited mainstream sharing platforms to amplify messages and attitudes.

143 million views in the past year, exquisitely reminiscent of Outkast’s more pop and light-hearted look in sound terms, while the images, directed by the brilliant Stillz, combined with the lyrics, massacre stereotypes black people with gold teeth, Product placement for Durex, gay hugs in the shower, western camps that reclaim the inversion of masculine beauty as depicted by Ang Lee in Brokeback Mountain, and an extraordinary irony that plays with puns: that’s what i really wantwhile anal penetration reaches climax.

So the contamination of “Montero” occurs on several levels. In purely musical terms, it is an attempt to bring hip-hop aesthetics back to parts of the more corrupted pop, which includes the wave-blinking soundscapes of forty years ago and the discordant black music of the beginning of the millennium, obviously. Without touching the archetypes of the Anticon ecosystem.
The many guests on the disc, including Elton John, further define the past, communicating on several occasions with the past due to the pervasiveness and fragmentary contemporaneity of the projects of recent years.

What is surprising in this omnivorous musical container is its ability to use new media to create an identity space that would otherwise be impossible within the context of the black community.

The fake pregnancy pulled on People, the weird talk shows on YouTube, the capture of fantasy gaming as well as the ability to turn the spread of memes into a political and identity tool, the video clips themselves, but above all concerts.

Live, Beyoncé concert at Lil Nas X makes a splash: Choreographies set to the millimetre, inventive and spectacular props, all designed to converge towards a unifying dimension that welcomes in one big embrace the widest and most multi-faceted spectrum of gender identities.

Losing it would be like giving up on those who want to bring us back,

Lil Nas x Lucca to be at Summer Festival next 20 July 2023 in the historic site of Piazza Napoleone, Tickets will go on sale on Thursday 30 March at 11:00 on

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