Lionel Messi admits possible return to Barcelona

Argentinian striker, Lionel Andres Messi Conceded about his future after winning eighth place golden ball Among other things, his return to European football was spoken candidly.

The world champion gave an interview to the magazine, which will be published today, Saturday L’Equipe In it he recounted his qatar world cup 2023 On his return to the club that saw him grow up, El FC Barcelona.

Can Messi return to Barcelona?

In the interview, the Argentinian talked about what becoming a world champion means to him and that after the World Cup, his thoughts were always to return to his “homeland” to compete. barcelonasomething that never happened.

After becoming world champions, all the goals presented allow us to think beyond the sporting aspect. My first thought was always to return home, to be able to play at Barcelona again and retire there, like I had always dreamed of doing.

Attacker admits he cannot return barcelona It was a very similar experience to what he went through in 2021 when the World Cup ended and he had to leave Paris, “I could have come back, but that wasn’t the case. “It’s similar to what happened in 2021. This is very similar to having to go to Paris in 2021. “

Now, the biggest winner of this competition golden ball admit return barcelona Perhaps European football was not in his plans, however, he always knew the Catalan club and assured that the team looked good with Xavi on the bench, “Obviously, I am paying attention as much as I was in Paris They. In my opinion, the team has improved a lot since Xavi arrived, with young and experienced players like Lewandowski or Konde. The level of young people is outstanding. “It’s a A great team and they have a chance to do great things this year,” he declared.

at last, Messi He made the right decision to go MiamiThe striker has ruled out a return on loan this winter as the Argentinian is comfortable with his options.

not at all. Now that I’ve taken the step and come to America, I don’t think I’ll ever play in Europe again.Of course I will miss playing in the Champions League or La Liga for the rest of my life, those games have a special flavor, but I enjoy it as much as I can, so I’m not depressed

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