Lionel Messi and Aitana Bonmatí dress luxuriously in Paris

The Golden Globe Awards serve as a communication tool for brands. An 18-carat watch and diamond earrings. Aitana Bonmatí and Lionel Messi shine with exclusive creations. Luxury brands wear the world’s best clothes on the Paris red carpet. Strong and sophisticated football players at the same time.

Spain’s most recent world champion Aitana Bonmati and Argentina’s Lionel Messi were awarded the Ballon d’Or last Monday as the best football player of the 2022/23 season.

As with every season, brands rely on this material to showcase their exclusive creations. This time the Italian brand Versace focused on one from Sant Pere de Ribes, while Louis Vuitton chose an Argentinian brand.

Bonmatí wore a black Versace dress with a 90s aesthetic. Cut in a straight fit for a close fit, it has a round neckline in sheer gauze that’s embellished with rhinestones.

The Catalan completed the look with white gold and diamond riviere earrings from Catalan brand Rabat.

“It is an excellent communication tool for a brand. Versace has already explained to us through Aitana’s dress that his female archetype is a glamorous woman,” says author of the book “Secrets of Luxury” edited and published by Lid says María Eugenia Girón.

The most contemporary expression of femininity: “I follow the Ballon d’Or and I’m very interested in how the winners Aitana and Alexia have previously chosen and decided how to present themselves to receive the award. I love this way of expressing the femininity of female football players. Powerful And at the same time complex. There is nothing more modern than being strong, powerful and active on the field and wearing seductive Versace when celebrating your victory.” María Eugenia, Professor at IE Business School, luxury industry expert and international reference Girón said.

In addition to Bonmati, Spanish players such as Salma Paralullo and Alba Redondo also participated in the game, both of whom are among the twenty best players in the world this season according to France Football. Among the five.

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Lionel Messi and Aitana Bonmatí were all glitz and glamor at the Ballon d’Or in Paris

Paralluelo wore an elegant black suit from the Spanish brand “Malne”, which specializes in personalized luxury clothing designed by Juanjo Martínez and Paloma Álvarez. The suit consists of a jacket with shoulder pads, a vest and wide-leg pants. Alba Redondo, however, opted for an asymmetrical crepe dress with cape sleeves and black sequin trim, designed by Valencian Lydia Solaz.

From velvet, sequins, polka dots and color, one of France’s great luxury brands returned to the red carpet in a more sober style for his eighth Ballon d’Or.

Messi appeared at the Chatelet Theater wearing a simple black Louis Vuitton tuxedo. The look was custom designed by Pharrel Williams, singer-songwriter and current artistic director of the menswear line. The American wears his “Damoflage” print, a plaid pattern that characterizes his clothes, which he displayed discreetly in this piece.

A white shirt, shoes and black tie completed the world champion’s look, and he also wore an 18-carat yellow Tambour watch, also from the brand.

In addition, the footballer’s wife Antonela Rocuzzo and her children also wear Louis Vuitton pieces. Thiago, Mateo and Ciro wore three statement wool double-breasted suits with white shirts that perfectly complemented Lionel’s look, as did Roccuzzo’s black dress.

In addition to outfitting players such as Lionel Messi or Jude Bellingham, the French brand is also the official supplier of luggage for transporting trophies. France Football teamed up with the company to design two suitcases specially designed to transport the trophy.

Both are handmade in Paris and covered with the brand’s signature Monogram canvas. Each suitcase has two front panels with a gold letter “v” representing “Victoria” and “Vuitton”.

This is a novelty in the brand’s long history of creating custom luggage for transporting iconic trophies such as the FIFA World Cup, Larry O’Brien NBA Trophy, Rugby World Cup, Monaco F1 Grand Prix and more .

Information from EFE.

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