Lionel Messi and auction record recall 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Lionel Messi plays with Argentina.

Photo: EFE – Luciano González

Argentinian Lionel Messi has broken countless football records and is now seeking new milestones in the auction world, with six of his Qatar 2022 shirts set to be collected by Sotheby’s New York, which could break the record A record of the most expensive sports collectibles cars ever sold at auction.

Sotheby’s New York headquarters, housed in a lavish building on York Avenue on the Upper East Side, is perfectly accustomed to receiving works by the most sought-after artists, extremely rare and nearly impossible-to-find works, and personal memorabilia of various stars.

The shirt Messi wore in the semi-finals against Croatia and the 2022 Qatar final against France.


But the main attraction at Sotheby’s for two weeks has been six White Celeste shirts, framed and carefully placed on the lobby wall, all clearly marked Team White Celeste The number 10.

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These are the 6 jerseys worn by Leo Messi at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar on his way to the long-awaited world championship. This is a very special lot, estimated at more than $10 million. It should be remembered that the man from Rosario participated in four other editions of the competition, but he just missed the title.

If the Sotheby’s estimate is met or exceeded, the Argentinian could become the subject of the most valuable sports collectible auction ever, as the current record is held by Michael Jordan in the 1998 NBA Finals ) jerseys remain, which also reached 10.1 million units in 2022. At Sotheby’s New York.

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Messi himself responded to the auction last week on his Instagram profile (which has 493 million followers), stressing that “part of the proceeds will be donated to the UNICAS project, led by the Children’s Hospital of Sant Joan de Do (SJD) in Barcelona, ​​to cover The needs of children with rare diseases.”

The auction, hosted by Sotheby’s, with technology startup AC Momento providing Messi’s jersey, started on November 30 this year and will last until December 14, in two weeks in Rosario Fans and collectors of the talent will be able to take a look at this Messi jersey. Shirts from a free exhibition at Sotheby’s headquarters in Manhattan.

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