Lionel Messi attends Thiago’s birthday celebrations at Inter Miami

The striker shared a moment with his first-born son on a special day

Thiago Yes eldest son Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo. Brother Mateo and Ciro had a strong connection with the world of football as he had zero connection with the sport in the first years of his life, but this connection strengthened until he started playing in the lower leagues Go on your own path. barcelona.The family moved to Paris, He transferred his talents to paris saint germain It’s been a while and now he continues to do his thing down there inter miami.

A video that has gone viral in the past few hours shows how His companions built a human bridge, and his father was inevitably among the children.. The man from Rosario participated in the school classic in a light-hearted way, with birthday celebrations patting him on the back as they passed under the bridge.

After a few seconds of preparation, Thiago He experienced this ceremony with laughter and joy.Number 10 Representatives of the youth team paid tribute to the participants of the movement, and at the same time Leo He bent down for a few seconds and held golden ball In your hands.

Even though these images become relevant this Friday, everything feels like they’re back on the first day of November. Wearing exactly the same clothes, Lionel Messi He visited the entity’s academy to present the awards received in Paris. There, the children said hello to their idols and shared a good time with the world champion.

Likewise, it is common for Argentinians to share different situations with their children within the club, as Thiago and Matthew they train in Florida Blue Training Centeras complex as a professional team inter miami. The 36-year-old footballer has attended a number of games and last October watched Thiago play against Naples Elite at North Collier Regional Park.

Thiago Messi’s stellar performance at Inter Miami Academy

In mid-September last year, Thiago It debuted in the Under 12 category heron After the family adjusts to their first week in the United States.Friendly match victory weston football club He wore this shirt during a speech before entering the competition Florida College Leagueunlike Sub 13, Sub 14, Sub 15, Sub 16 and Sub 17 in the MLS Next league.

These meetings help shape the team and son for the upcoming season Leo As the days passed, he became more free until he was making a play worthy of being compared to the best players in the world. More than a month after being posted, the recording finds the boy recovering the ball after successful pressure and accelerating away from his opponent, a move that deserves praise due to its similarity to a regular dribble, despite his shot going wide. star. It was one of the last meetings before he accompanied his father to the awards ceremony. golden ball.

The award ceremony held on October 30th was awarded to Lionel Messi He became the best player in the world for the eighth time in his career. After the winner’s speech, the family returned to Miami to participate in Inter Milan training. This background provided an atypical backdrop for Thiago’s 11th birthday, which he celebrated on November 2, and when he returned to training, he shared an unforgettable moment with his father to celebrate the special day.

The striker’s eldest son is a member of Team USA’s academy

In an interview with Miguel Granados, Messi He spoke in detail about his eldest son’s character: “Thiago was the one who instilled the most in us as a child because he was the eldest son. The brothers followed his line. I didn’t have that problem (they wanted to have everything). From this Sense, they are clear. Thiago has a lot to do with it because of who he is. Thiago wants nothing to do with “Messi’s son” and he doesn’t like it.They played the first game and Thiago never took his eyes off you.“.

“They really love football, they grew up with it. They have watched football since they were born. They are comfortable training at the club because they are in the same place as me and I already know them. “This is very good,” he concluded.

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