Lionel Messi calls MLS a ‘minor league’ in recent interview

timehis latest Lionel Messi Interviewed at ESPN reveals this in many different ways, but it also serves as a wake-up call Major League Soccer.As arguably the greatest footballer in history, Messi may have many options to continue his career after his departure paris saint germain But David Beckham and Jorge Mas convinced him to play for Inter Miami. The contract is apparently at a similar level to some of the big-name stars’ contracts. MLB, NFL or NBA. The difference is that no other MLS player can match Messi’s earnings. But the money he makes clearly doesn’t match the league he plays for.He just recorded Messi’s phone call during an interview with ESPN MLS changed to “Minor League”.

Lionel Messi ad moves football world

To provide more background information, Messi is talking about the challenges that will come for him. 2026 World Cup.While he’s open to it, Leo did admit that he’s playing in a “minor league,” like MLS.Here’s what he said: “I’ve said it several times, this is a reality – I’m always going to try my best to compete and I’m the first one to know when I can get there and when I can’t get there. I Also knowing that I went to a minor league, but a lot of things happen because of the way one faces it and competes. As long as I feel good and I can keep delivering, I will (keep playing for Argentina). I All I’m thinking about today is America’s Cup And being able to play in it. “

Could Leo Messi go the David Beckham route at the start of 2024?

when coming back David Beckham for Los Angeles Galaxy, He did go out on loan to AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain when Major League Soccer was suspended. This was a specific request from his England manager in order to be considered for the national team. Messi call MLS “Minor League” means he realizes that if he wants to perform at both the 2024 Copa America and the 2026 World Cup, he may need to perform at a higher level. Although, Leo only signed with Inter Milan for two years.if he really succeeds world cuphe may be playing for another team by then.

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