Lionel Messi’s financial impact on Major League Soccer

Lionel Messi’s impact on Major League Soccer goes beyond his football skills. From a financial perspective, these figures indicate an exponential increase in stadium attendances, jerseys, sponsorships and television broadcasts.

“From a financial perspective, all the stadiums Messi has been to are full. The demand for these tickets demonstrates the impact. They are especially children.

Nowadays, in every city, we see children wearing Messi T-shirts. The impact on U.S. soccer could be short-term or long-term. ” EFE sports business Alfonso Mondello, sporting director of Major League Soccer.

Numbers don’t lie. According to media reports, a study by “Antenna”, a company specializing in data analysis, showed that on the day Messi made his debut for Inter Miami, the number of new subscribers to Major League Soccer (MLS) season tickets was 110,000, while It was 6,143 the day before.

Furthermore, from a football perspective, the arrival of the Argentinian star in North America represents a change in tactical mentality, the way the game is played, and the way the sport is understood.

“When Messi comes on, the game is different. There is a calm rhythm to the game, there are pauses, which perhaps is lacking in North American football.

Maybe the speed of playing is more important than the skill. We hope this is a long-term impact of Messi and that the team can start playing with more precision and focus more on protecting the ball. “Mondello emphasized to EFE.

Messi’s presence in Major League Soccer will undoubtedly raise the level of the league in the short to medium term, in addition to creating strong emotions among fans along with the arrival of other internationally renowned football players.

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