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In the past few weeks, the name of Yassine Cheuko has gained attention in social networks, different media and sports circles, since it happens to belong to a former soldier of the United States Armed Forces, who was killed by Lionel Lionel Messi hired as personal trainer. bodyguard.

The Argentinian footballer, upon his arrival in Florida, decided to take care of his safety in the face of the madness that broke out among the residents of Florida and actively played in Inter Miami, the team he led in the league Victory in the cup. .

It should be an easy task for Chuco to take care of the striker given his experience in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as his martial arts and boxing skills, but the big question is how much will he be paid?

This is how much Lionel Messi paid his bodyguard in Miami

Yassin Chuko (left) and Lionel Messi. Photo: taken from Instagram account @yasstcheuko and AFP

Yassine Cheuko is part of a 50-strong team that ensures not only the fitness of Lionel Messi but also that of his wife Antonella The health of Antonela Rocuzzo and their children Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

Huge investment!Inter Miami accelerates construction of stadium, costing $1 billion due to Messi’s arrival

Regarding his salary, some social media users and some international media claimed that the bodyguard received approximately $3 million per year for his services, Semana reported.

Of course, that number remains speculation, considering neither the former MMA fighter nor the Argentinian has released information about their employment relationship.

Former Iraq and Afghanistan combatant who was Lionel Messi’s personal escort at Inter Miami

To be sure, Chuco seems to take his job very seriously, both on and off the football field, following May like a shadow when an Argentinian family visits a store or when a fan approaches them. West, it was constantly reflected on his face. disciple.


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