Lionel Messi’s special message to former Paris Saint-Germain team-mates

Messi’s post to Verratti (@leomessi)
Messi’s post to Verratti (@leomessi)

lionel messi He left a message to his friend Marco Verrattiwho just left paris saint germain (Paris Saint-Germain) and this Wednesday at Arabi SC From Qatar, he is via US$48 million (€45 million).This publication was published in Instagram The Argentinian’s good wishes showed the good relationship he has with the Italian midfielder. Eleven seasons He left the French team and will now continue his career in the Middle East.

I wish you all the best on your new stage, Marco Verrati.You already know I always wish you the best“, the signing of the best football player in the world with a player born in Pescara on November 5, 1992, and the trailer for “The Final” in which Argentina beat Italy 3-0 at Wembley on June 1, 2022 posing with a smile. Reply “Friend, thank you“.

The good bond between them stems from Messi joining Paris Saint-Germain in mid-2021. When Leo left the PSG team, the Italian expressed some touching words to him on social networks: “As a player you are the best, but as a person you are even better. Good luck to you and your family in your new experience. It has been a pleasure sharing these two years with you. ” Messi’s reaction was eloquent and revealed the reciprocity with the Azzurri player: “Thank you very much for everything you have done these two years.I don’t know you personally, and you helped me from day one. It’s great to share the course and everything we experience out there with you, Marco! Big hugs.”

Messi admitted that the first few months in Paris were complicated for him and his family.back 17 years left a lifetime barcelona He had to adapt to a new city, teammates and a different kind of football than Spain, which requires more physical contact. That’s why he spoke highly of Verratti’s attitude from the first hour.

Marco Verratti’s speech at Al-Arabi (@alarabi_club)

The thing is, the Italian knows all the secrets of PSG and is one of the keys to the team. Messi can spend his beginnings in the best possible way in that place, where his other friends are also important, e.g. Angel Di Maria and Neymar. Leo has always valued connecting with his teammates off the field and has built great relationships throughout his career.

The two met in the game paris saint germain. Messi did not renew his contract and moved to the United States to play for Inter Miami, where he has already won his first league title. League Cupthis competition brings together people from Major League Soccer (MLS) and Mexican Football League.Qualify for the finals U.S. Open Cup The game will be played on September 27, with another goal being to qualify for the playoffs MLS.

Verratti, who still played for Paris Saint-Germain for three years, accepted the offer from the Qatari club and signed for two years.he left paris 416 games and 30 games. “I am extremely proud to have worn the PSG shirt for more than a decade, played with so many great players and won 30 trophies. “PSG, the club and its fans will always hold a very special place in my heart ,” Marco said.

The Italians did not arrive in the Qatari entity alone, as the Dutch were also joined Mohammad Tabunifrom where feyenoord The total amount is close to $500,000Derived from Spanish Seamus Kedari that comes from spanish from barcelona for an approximate number $4.6 million and his former team-mate at Paris Saint-Germain, the Senegalese Abdou Dialloits purchase price range is $16 million.

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