Lizzo accused of harassment and disgrace by dancers

Paladin and the symbol of body positivity, was reported no less than the disgrace of the body. Lizzo was sued by three of her former dancers, that a lawsuit was filed against her in a Los Angeles court. The singer is accused of ridiculed and vilified one of her co-workers for putting on a few pounds. But also about sexual harassment and that you created an environment toxic work.

Lizzo on the cover of

Lizzo on the cover of

Lizzo was judged by three dancers

The 35-year-old rapper was reported by Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez. The first two were fired and the third resigned precisely because of the behavior now being reported. The lawsuit, filed on August 1, alleges sexually offensive behavior.

Dancers would get hurt forced to participate in erotic shows at a club in the red light district of Amsterdam during the tour. And they would be forced to touch their breasts, use erotic toys, and engage in sexual performances.

Sexual and religious discrimination

In addition, Lizzo also sued Shirlene Quigley, leader of the dancers’ group. The latter would reproach the three for premarital relations, openly talking on social networks and on television about the virginity of the dancer without her consent. The complaint also refers to sexual and religious discrimination. Inside the staff of a pop star blacks would be paid less than whites. And Arianna Davis will be subjected to non-stop auditions, up to eight hours straight, without being allowed to go to the bathroom.

Lizzo was also accused of bodyshaming

However, the part of the complaint that has caused the most outrage has to do with body shaming. In fact, Lizzo has always been committed to combating this kind of discrimination. However, the singer mocked one of the dancers who got fat. “The astonishing attitude of Lizzo and her team towards their artists seems to go against everything Lizzo represents in public,” said Ron Zambrano, the dancers’ attorney. “However, in private, he burdens his dancers and humiliates them in ways that are not only illegal, but downright demoralizing.”

Following the filing of the complaint, former creative director Lizzo Quinn Whitney Wilson and fellow dancer Courtney Hollinquest also confirmed the pop star’s discriminatory and abusive behavior towards staff on social media.


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