Lizzo case: six new charges against the singer

Lawyers representing the three former Lizzo dancers who sued the singer for embarrassment and sexual harassment said they were investigating the case. new claims against her.

At least six people who claim to have worked with the 35-year-old artist have filed additional charges against him. Employment lawyer Ron Zambrano stated that the testimony concerns “sexualized environmentand non-payment of employees.

Pop star Lizzo has been accused of harassment, discrimination and fat-shaming by three of her former dancers.

Lizzo, an American rapper, flautist and singer, has dismissed previous accusations made by Arianna Davis, Noel Rodriguez and Crystal Williams as false, claiming that “don’t be the bad guy which people and the media portray as such.”

New complaints

According to NBC News, the lawyer said his investigation is looking at new allegations at least six persons who said they were touring with a celebrity whose real name is Melissa Vivian Jefferson.

Among the people who filed recent applications were also those who said they worked for Reality show Amazon Studios singer,Beware Lizzo Big Grrrls“.

Zambrano says that after examining the complaints, he determined that some were potentially actionable and others were not.

Six other people who were allegedly part of the 35-year-old’s corps de ballet have filed charges against him in which they say they were forced to work in a “sexualized” environment.

Lizzo’s response: “Outrageous accusations.”

Last week, three girls from the corps de ballet toured with the star. sued for sexual harassmentreligious and racial, discrimination, attacks and kidnappings.

In response, the 35-year-old man said: “I usually prefer not to respond to false claims, but they are as unbelievable as they seem, and too outrageously don’t collide.”

“These sensational rumors come from former employees whose behavior during the tour was condemned. inappropriate and unprofessional“, – adds the woman at the center of the scandal.

“As an artist, I have always been very sensitive to what I do. I take my music and my performances seriously because at the end of the day, I just want to release the best of my art that represents me and my fans.”

“With passion comes and hard work and high standards. Sometimes I have to make tough decisions, but I’m never going to make anyone feel uncomfortable or like they’re not appreciated as an important part of the team.”

On social media, he loses 220,000 followers.

In the meantime, however, despite the fact that the Detroit girl considers them false, as a champion of body positivity, who also made her famous as a bearer of inclusive messages and women’s empowerment, complaints addressed to her and Shirlin Quigley, greatly undermined this aura of activity.

The singer responds to the accusations of the dancers, and in the meantime, the followers leave her social profiles.

It was enough to look at the number of subscribers in the Instagram account immediately after the news was launched: in one day, according to the statistics website. Social BladeLizzo lost 88 885 subscribers, which then grew to 210,570 and almost 220,000 in one week.

But the next sharp drop also applies to other social profiles of the singer: for example, they are on Twitter / X. lost about 14,000 subscribers. A sign that, however the story ended, the complaints greatly affected his public image.

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