Lizzo responds to allegations of sexual harassment and body shaming: ‘Outrageous words’

Lizzoand she likes Shirlin Quigley (leader of her corps de ballet), were accused of sexual harassment and bullying. The episodes were repeated, sometimes leading to actual violence (the dancer claims that Lizzo forced her to touch the chest of a stripper in an Amsterdam club). The artist entrusted his version of events to Instagram.

Lizzo’s response to the accusations

“The last few days have been incredible. difficult and frustrating. My work ethic, my morals and my respect for others were called into question. My character has been criticized,” Lizzo wrote in a statement posted on her Instagram profile. “Usually I prefer not to respond to false accusations, but this is too much. incredible and outrageous addressed,” she wrote. Lizzo then explained that the allegations were made by dancers removed from the tour for their inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. In the statement, she also explains how great the passion that drives her is: “I take, I take my music and my performances are serious because I always want to give my fans the best.” With such high standards, it is natural (though painful) to make some difficult decisions sometimes. For example, just fire a dancer. “This is wrong. I never intended to make anyone feel anxietyor it doesn’t matter to the team. She concludes by writing that she doesn’t want to be the victim of the situation, but she doesn’t want to be the villain either.

sorry for the situation

In the post, we read all about Lizzo’s frustration with the situation. “I live my sexuality very loose, but I can’t accept or allow people to use that openness to make me look like someone I’m not.” Then the singer repeated that nothing is more important to her than respect which is reserved for women. And that he will never be able to criticize or fire an employee for his weight, since it is he – his weight – that is constantly being evaluated. “I am in pain, but I will not allow the good that I have done in the world to be overshadowed by this. I want to thank everyone who helped me get through this difficult time.”

However, the plaintiffs (Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez) seem determined to take the case to court. First of all, Davis made very serious accusations against Lizzo and Quigley, claiming that the latter was trying to convert her to Christianity.

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Lizzo sued for harassment by some of her former dancers

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