Lizzo sues dancers who accuse her of harassment

dafter complaints of harassment and body shamingbecause of which she lost tens of thousands of followers on social networks, Lizzo he decided to go on the counterattack. Singer in fact, she intends to sue the dancers who brought her to court. And to do that, she posted a photo that appears to be of her accusers, about a month after the alleged persecution in Amsterdam, smiling with her backstage at a nudity show in Paris.

Lizzo and lunge (in bikini) against bodyshaming:

Lizzo and lunge (in bikini) against bodyshaming:

Lizzo on the counterattack

Lizzo’s lawyer, Marty Singer, explained it .tmz extension (who publishes the image) what is shown in the photo the three accusers of the singer while “having fun and merrily celebrating” backstage at a topless cabaret show in Paris during a European tour.

The shot, according to the lawyer, was taken on March 5, a month after the controversial episode in which Lizzo allegedly forced dancers to eat bananas stuck in the private parts of Amsterdam club dancers in February. And since then in the accusations, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez claim that even during the Paris leg of the tour they were forced to participate in the show red light, Lizzo’s lawyer counters, arguing that the allegations clearly contradict the photographs. According to the lawyer, the images clearly show the three dancers “celebrating merrily backstage” alongside the club’s dancers in poses that appear far from forced.

Dancers Controversy

In addition, according to the pop star’s lawyer, there is a recording of Arianna Davis made a month after the Paris leg of the tour. And in this audio, the dancer explains that the tour “It was such a wonderful trip and so beautiful! I admire her so much. I just want to follow in her footsteps and I want to tell Queen Lizzo herself about it.“. And although the dancer later claimed that her accusations were related to events that occurred later, according to the lawyer, “this justification is completely contrary to the facts, including these images.”

They wanted to keep their jobs

But always to .tmz extension I also answerLawyer of the three dancers Neam Rahmani: so peaceful explains why photos of them smiling and cheerful don’t contradict the allegations. “They wanted to keep their jobs. They, like everyone else, had bills to pay, but they finally got fed up with the abuse. We support all claims in the lawsuit and look forward to the trial.”

However, according to Lizzo’s lawyer, the singer has other “substantial evidence” in addition to photos and videos that “proves obvious contradictions between what the plaintiffs assert in their case and what the facts prove”.

Complaints from other dancers

In the meantime, however, it turns out that six months prior to this lawsuit, 14 more dancers had denounced Lizzo, but then the case was settled out of court. According to los angeles times, in this case it was at the center of the dispute 2022 documentary Lizzo in Love. According to 14 dancers, excerpts of their personal dialogue were inserted into the film without their knowledge.


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