Long bob cut 2023: five looks of the stars

The helmet, also called bob, it is generally one of the most requested haircuts. It’s comfortable, practical, looks good on everyone and is very versatile. The long bob, its long version, is the medium cut that we will probably see most throughout 2023.

Whether it is curly, smooth or wavy, with a center or side parting, with a short or long curtain fringe, the long bob cut has literally invaded the catwalks in recent months, but also the social pages of many celebrities.

Long bob: what is it about?

Also known by the term “lob”, a sort of portmanteau between the words “long” and “bob”, the long bob is a medium haircut that reaches more or less to the shoulders. Its length brings everyone together and it is perhaps for this reason that it is so much in demand. Furthermore, it is a good starting point for those with very long hair and in some way want to try a new cut, without totally distorting their look.

The long bob is an almost universal cut, it adapts to every type of hair, to every shape of the face, it can be worn super smooth but also wavy with soft beach waves. So versatile that you can dare a long bob even with very curly hair, perhaps also combining a long curtain fringe, so as to give additional volume to the top of the head.

Paro, scaled, long, short… simply bob

The long bob cut in 2023 can be both straight and scaled: paro is perfect if you have very straight hair, more or less thick, because it will give you a super elegant look at any time of the day. The scaled bob cut, on the other hand, is perfect if you have wavy hair, because it will give you volume and movement, especially in the upper or front part of the head.

The bob with bangs, on the other hand, is suitable both for those with straight and thin hair, but also for those with wavy and thick hair. In the first case, the long bob can be combined with a crepe fringe, perhaps even very short, to recreate a slightly Charleston and elegant effect; in the second case, however, the fringe can be long and curtained, perhaps combined with a wavy and soft hairstyle.

And what about the asymmetrical bob instead? Long at the back and short at the front, with a side tuft or a central parting, it gives more volume to the front of the hair, perfectly framing the face, without the need for face framing.

Long bob cut 2023: how do the stars wear it?

How do stars choose to wear this cut? Each one chooses to show off the long bob according to her hair, her style, her personality. The beauty of the long bob is also this: you can change your look whenever you like, without ever completely changing everything.

Long bob cut: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has thick hair, a thick capillary structure that tends towards natural curly and wavy. Her long bob cut is slightly layered, just below the shoulders, the parting is in the center and the waves frame the face.

The long wavy bob cut it is ideal both if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, and if you have a thick capillary structure and want to give additional volume and lightness to your hair.

Long bob cut: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence chooses a long asymmetrical bob where the front strands are shorter than the back. In this way, the hair is more voluminous, especially if combined with a wavy hairstyle.

The long asymmetrical bob cutthen combined with a side tuft, is perfect for enhancing a very blond hair like yours, because the scaled waves give reflections and volume to the whole hair.

long bob cut

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Long bob cut: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wears, however, a super smooth long bob cut, even, bright and with a parting in the center that makes the hairstyle very elegant. Perfect for those with thick wavy hair but prefer to leave it, because in this way they can better tame the hair.

If you also have very thick hair and are looking for a cut that is easy to wear and versatile at the same time, the long and straight bob cut, like that of Kim Kardashian, is the ideal solution.

Long bob cut: Lucy Boynton

Colorful and short, with a line in the center and soft waves, it is Lucy Boynton’s long bob, who chooses this cut to frame her small and angular face. This length allows you to wear both straight and wavy hair, depending on our look, our mood and what we want to tell about ourselves at that moment.

If your face is similar in shape to Lucy Boynton, try this cut and let us know: you’ll love it so much you’ll never want to go back.

Long bob cut: Hailey Bieber

After sporting very long hair for a long time, Hailey Bieber cuts everything and sports a beautiful long bob, titmouse, with parting in the center. Her wispy straight hair frames her long, lean face perfectly.

If sometimes she prefers to pull it all the way back and fix it with a gel, other times Hailey Bieber prefers to leave the cut natural, with the strands that move slightly on the head, without too much styling.

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