Long bob: smooth bob cut, with bangs or scaled

The ideal solution for the eternal undecided but passe-partout to create a thousand different styles, the bob in its thousand versions is the most requested haircut of the moment. And the arrival of spring is the perfect time to (re)discover it

Not is new and yet it is increasingly in demand, so much so that it is now become an evergreen among the haircuts for spring: The long bob is indeed now a catchphrase, loved for its versatility. In fact, it has a modular length on every type of mane and hair, for an immediately new and refreshing effect. Word to the expert

Long bob, the reasons for a very successful cut

It’s called a long bob, but also a long bob or simply a lob. The substance does not change: it is the medium cut pand excellence: «It’s also easy to carry and manage at home fits perfectly to all face shapes, customized as you like” explains Tommaso Incamicia, hairstylist of My Place Studio in Milan

The new bobs of Hailey Bieber, Elsa Hosk, Chiara Ferragni (Instagram)

Perfect cut for those who are always undecided between long or short hair, the long bob is perfect for spring and for all the moments in which there is a need to refresh the look.

Who is the long bob good for?

One could answer “everyone”. After all, it really is! This mid-length is very smart because it fits perfectly on all faces creating the right balance also with physicality

On round faces it tends to lengthen while scaling, fringes and tufts are ideal for visually shortening long faces. It is also very suitable for more square and angular ones «because its lengths envelop and soften the contours»

The characteristics of the Long Bob

To be defined as such, the long bob must touch the collarbone: belongs, in fact, to the category of medium cuts. «It is a cut that has good movement thanks to its length. It completely covers the neck, by definition it touches the shoulders, just before or just below, so as to completely envelop the face» explains the hair stylist

Scaling yes or no?

«The scales they give lightness and dynamism to the cut, depending however on the type of hair, which may or may not lend itself to it. Noin fact, they are not suitable for all stems: in particular, if the foliage is very smooth and already naturally lacking in volume, these do nothing but impoverish the hair because they decrease its quantity, also losing volume and “fullness”»

Fringe: yes or no with the long bob?

«The fringe and all the various tufts are the favorite accessory of the long bob. However, even in this case, some precautions are necessary. First of all, the bangs must be chosen according to the shape of the face so as to enhance it to the maximum. So she is perfect on an elongated face, on a slightly triangular one or in any case on a broad forehead »

Fringe not recommended on a round face because «it emphasizes its softness: rather a uniform length without a tuft and perhaps choose the side parting so as to lengthen the contours»

Fashion styling, waves

Let them be the classics beach waves typically summer, the softest and widest waves or a natural blur, they give the long bob an always interesting movement. This is also demonstrated by many celebs who often wear it disheveled, from Chiara Ferragni with her artfully deconstructed daily waves, to Emma Roberts E Cristiana Capotondi or Lea Seydoux.

Long bob, the easiest cut to maintain at home

Another reason for the success of the long bob? The easy maintenance at home. «The beauty of this cut lies precisely in its naturalness, therefore at home it is very easy to manage. Furthermore, coming from behind does not create the unsightly upturned or downwards points».

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“The only trick is to choose the right productsin particular a shampoo suitable for one’s scalp and hair so as to always show beautiful hair» concludes Tommaso Incamicia


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