Lose weight and lose weight with the services of Cuerpo Libre Professional Center

Overweight, obesity and localized fat accumulation are factors that shorten life expectancy and increase the risk of serious health problems in the future.

At the same time, these diseases not only have a negative impact from an aesthetic and health point of view, but also affect their quality of life and self-esteem, just like cellulite.

In this sense, Cuerpo Libre is a center in Madrid specialized in weight loss and nutrition, through free body method Helps his patients lose weight and lose weight Personalized and external non-invasive treatment.

Cuerpo Libre Helps Patients Lose Weight “Smiling”

The Cuerpo Libre Slimming Center currently operating at the Mostoles Clinic (Madrid) has developed a method that is now a reference for those looking for a simple and healthy way to lose weight.

The signature program brings together Over 25 years of experience, Organized around five main pillars: Diagnosis, Weight Loss Program, Motivation for Healthy Learning, Reaffirmation and Sustainment.

For those who are overweight or obese, free body methods can promote the elimination of body weight and localized fat and cellulite through personalized and external natural treatments that do not require pills or medication.

In this way, patients can Restore your health and self-esteem, otherwise sculpt your figure and maintain the results over time.

To do this, health agencies deploy a range of techniques, either individually or in combination, depending on each issue.Including hot wave, They are an external and topically applied technique to burn fat in a natural and non-invasive way; this drainage therapy, Helps dissolve fat buildup in the body; and uses Vela technology (combining radiofrequency and light) to tackle cellulite.

this body compression therapyAs such, it is a treatment that can be combined with other treatments to help release toxins, fight “cellulite” and sculpt the body, eliminating volume in localized areas.

Effective ways to fight cellulite

Cellulite is a metabolic disorder that causes the irregular accumulation of fatty tissue in the form of nodules and pits, giving it a characteristic “orange peel” appearance. Although their location varies, these bulky fat deposits are often located under the dermis on the buttocks, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and even arms.

Experts say the condition is not unique to people who are overweight or obese, and More than 90% of women are affected. The professionals of the Madrid Slimming Center use the free body method to treat cellulite in inactive women with soft skin and athletes with hard tissues.

It is worth mentioning that before any treatment, the clinic will conduct previous diagnosis The person’s characteristics (age, fitness, physical activity, etc.) to determine the type of treatment to apply; along with regular weight and size control, nutritional re-education programs, and other actions supervised by physicians and registered dietitians.

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