Love & Death TV series: where to watch it in streaming

Love and Death

Elizabeth Olsen And Candy Montgomery in the television miniseries Love & Death which, based on a true story, tells of a Texas housewife accused of the brutal murder of her friend, Betty Gorein 1980.

Written by David E. Kelley, American television producer known for hit television series including Big Little Lies and Big Sky, the TV series Love & Death tells a chilling and disturbing story, perfect for lovers of television and cinema products true crime. In this regard, if you have already heard of this crime story, you will be interested to know that the events were also told in the TV series of the 2022 entitled Candy – Death in Texas in which the role of the protagonist, Candy Montgomeryis entrusted to Jessica Biel.

Therefore, if you are curious to see this story from another point of view, then you will be interested in knowing all the details related to Love & Death. In that case I absolutely advise you to continue reading: in fact, in the next chapters of my in-depth article, I will tell you in detail about everything there is to know about this television series, telling you what is it about And why see her. You will also find some other interesting information about other members of the following below castyou will be able to learn more about release date of the television series and finally, I will explain to you where to see Love & Death in streaming.

Love & Death plot

As anticipated, the plot of the TV series Love & Death is based on a crime story that took place in the town of Wyle, Texas. The protagonist is the housewife Candy Montgomery which, in 1980 was used of the brutal murder of her friend, Betty Gore.

The television series therefore follows the dynamics of the murder and of the trial, during which the woman was declared not guilty, after declaring that she had acted in self-defense.

However, despite several years having passed, this story still arouses interest, especially given that Betty Gore she was killed by 41 ax blows, a number defined, by some, as more than was really necessary to defend herself.

Furthermore, the particularity of this television series lies in the fact that it is based on the book Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs, which examines the case and the events following the trial.

Love & Death cast

The TV series Love & Death is strong a cast which includes names of great caliber, including first of all Elizabeth Olsenknown for its role as Scarlet Witch in the saga of Avengers and in WandaVision, who plays the role of Candy Montgomery.

Instead, Jesse Plemonsknown for Breaking Bad, will play Allan Gore. Patrick Fugitknown for his performance in Almost Famous, will play Pat MontgomeryWhile Lily Rabeseen in American Horror Story, will take the role of Betty Gore.

Among the other cast members are also Keir Gilchristwho played Sam in the series Atypical, will be Ron AdamsWhile Elizabeth Marvelseen in Homeland, will be Jackie Ponder.

Tom Pelphreyknown for his performance in Ozark, will play Don CrowderAnd Krysten Ritterknown for Jessica Jones, will take on the role of Sherry Cleckler. Beth Broderick will be Bertha Pomeroy, Richard C. Jones will interpret Tom ClecklerAnd Aaron Jay Rome will be Richard Garlington.

In the end, Fabiola Andújar will interpret Mary AdamsWhile Brian d’Arcy James will be Fred Fason. Olivia Applegate will be Carol CrowderWhile Mackenzie Astin will interpret Tom O’Connell. Adam Cropper will be Robert Udashen, Bruce McGill will take the role of Tom RyanAnd Drew Waters will be Jerry McMahan. Sunday Dangerstone And Amelie Dallimore they will play the roles of Tina Grant And Jenny Montgomeryrespectively.

Love & Death trailer

Two church-going couples enjoy small-town Texas family life, until someone wields an axe. From the Executive Producer of Big Little Lies and played by Elizabeth Olsen, Love & Death tells a story of love and death, based on true events.

Watch the trailer of the TV series via the video attached below.

Love & Death |  Official Trailer |  HBO Max

Love & Death exit Italy

How do you say? You are looking forward to this television series and, therefore, you wonder when it comes out? The answer is that this miniseries, made up of 6 episodesarrives in the United States, in stream on HBO MaxThe April 27, 2023.

As for the release in Italy, it has not yet been announced exit date and then waits to find out if it will come up Sky and in stream on NOW.

Love & Death stream

This article of mine has intrigued you and, therefore, you want to know where to see Love & Death? You wonder if, in Italy, it is available in streaming on Netflix or if you can see free on Prime Video, by activating the 30 day trial version?

In this regard, as anticipated, currently, in Italy, the release of the TV series Love & Death it is still unpublished. However, if you’re reading this article, you’ll no doubt be aware of the fact that distribution rights are subject to frequent changes and that, therefore, we often don’t know where to watch TV series (or movies) in streaming.

For this reason, if you want to stay up to date on where to see Love & Death streaming in Italian or on where to see Love & Death streaming in english with sub ita, I suggest you refer to the streaming box below. Good vision!


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