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Jorge Fernández shows off his foolproof flirting skills in ‘La Roulette de la Suerte’A3

Flirting is a part of daily life for almost all singles. Everyone looks for different things in different places and circumstances. Of course, there are all kinds of techniques to conquer the boy or girl you’re attracted to.


Jorge Fernandez is no exception. The host of “La Roulette de la Suerte” remains a natural seductress His love affairs have been very successful in the past. In fact, he was declared Mr. Spain in 1999. But good physique must also be accompanied by social skills.

Jorge Fernández, the natural seducer in “Luck’s Rules”

In addition to handing out prizes, Jorge Fernandez also shares anecdotes in “La Ruleta de la Suerte”

He is famous for his work in beauty pageants and as a basketball player, but his success was cemented as a presenter. Jorge Fernández has been performing “La Ruleta de la Suerte” since 2006, a format that will not age over time and will continue to operate with three new entrants every day. This is helped by the freshness of the game and the manpower of its team.

Other protagonists, such as the show’s singer Joaquín Padilla, were met with more skepticism. But host and stewardess Laura Moore are essential.Jorge Fernández took advantage of his presence to share Anecdotes related to the competition team.

What’s Jorge Fernandez’s trick for flirting at parties?

Jorge Fernandez admits he used to flirt in clubs as a child

As always, everything comes from one panel. “We all have one” is the clue…the answer is related to this topic. Mimi solved it for no less than 850 euros: “A friend who always flirts when dancing”. That’s where the Jorge Fernandez anecdote began to circulate.

“Obviously, that wasn’t going to be me,” the host said.. because? Because he used another method to win over girls. “My friend can’t say “I have a friend, he’s Jorge, and he flirts when he dances”. I flirted because I stopped flirting,” he admitted.

It’s better to stay in a bar than go out dancing

Contestants were surprised by this trick

Mr. Spain 1999 had other methods. “I’m more of a bar guy. I gave the girls a hard time while drinking on the bar in this position.because if I start dancing, I can’t eat,” Jorge Fernandez revealed.

Flight attendant Laura Moure disagrees. Not because of his partner’s machinations, but because he thought he would win no matter what: “I think you’ll eat breadsticks even if you dance.”. Things Jorge said no to: “Trust me, Laura, no.”. He does better with his skills.

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