Luis Gutirrez Serantes, the most famous doctor on TV, teaches how to avoid flu and colds: “Some foods act as natural antibiotics”

From dry weather to wet weather, from days when temperatures are milder than usual to others when the thermometer suddenly drops, our body does not remain indifferent: it is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Infect. “When these changes occur, our mucous membranes are affected, and furthermore, it’s a more time disease types of viruses, especially those that cause Virus Responsible for catarrhal processes associated with inflammation Mucous membrane Respiratory tree: pharynx, larynx, trachea and bronchi. Therefore, this is the stage where we have to take better care of ourselves. “The doctor expected Luis GutierrezSerantes, Physician, scientist and health communicator, in addition to the author of several books, is known for his involvement in the program for nearly 20 years “Know how to live” on TVE.

Taking better care of ourselves always involves taking control of our diet.It’s time to consume a series food and active ingredients that help defend and protect us from the flu and colds. Who are our health allies? We asked the doctor. Gutierrez Serantes. The doctor said without hesitation: “Those who give us vitamins C and D; we know they both stimulate our immune systems.”

Experts say they’re not the only ones.There are also products from the hive – esp. royal jelly and Propolis– Or some plants, e.g. Echinaceahe sea ​​buckthorn or coat, recognized for its antibacterial and antiviral properties and its ability to naturally combat muscle pain and fever. In this interview, he gives us a masterclass in all of this.

To avoid the flu and colds, you need to supplement with vitamins C and D, but what’s the best way to take them?
Liposomes, usually liquids. This term means that the active ingredient is protected so that it passes through the digestive system unimpaired and therefore reaches the small intestine intact. In this case, the absorption is very high, so it is better. There is a difference between 90% of the active ingredient being absorbed and 50% of the active ingredient being absorbed; there are differences between different formats.
What should we do about annoying coughs and throat irritations caused by colds?
There are also products and food supplements that can protect us from pharyngitis and prevent throat irritation and immediate coughing. ersimo is a very potent plant known as the singer plant. They often used it in the 19th century and today when they have pharyngitis problems or even vocal cord inflammation. Vitamin C, propolis and menthol also play an important role here. Generally, food supplements in spray form contain these active ingredients and are very easy to use.
Can our immune system really be activated? Or a catchphrase learned from advertising?
sure. Many scientific works by the European Food Safety Authority, including the European Medicines Agency, as well as Spanish agencies, show that some products are effective. Propolis, echinacea, royal jelly…these all work. Not only do we take one of them, it would be better if we put them together. Some food supplements contain royal jelly or propolis, as well as mushrooms such as reishi, shiitake, and maitake, and even B vitamins. There are also food supplements that directly provide us with immunoglobulins, which are defensive substances. So they’ve been shown to stimulate our immune system, which is very complex and we have to take care of it.
You say it’s better to keep several of these assets together, but if you had to choose one, which one would you keep?
In this case I would choose royal jelly because it provides us with a large amount of vitamins and minerals and promotes energy metabolism. But I would take it away with those mushrooms I mentioned; there are food supplements that contain all of them. Propolis and vitamin C are more effective, which is essential at this time.
According to new research, we Spaniards are deficient in vitamin C, which is surprising in a country famous for its citrus fruits…
Yes. The problem is the type of diet we currently follow in Spain, as we eat less fruits and vegetables every day. This deficit comes from poor eating habits: we have moved away from the typical Mediterranean diet, grandma’s cooking, to Anglo-Saxon food. This is why we need an extra supply of vitamin C, especially at this time, although we can take it year-round.
What amount does “extra” refer to? What numbers are we talking about?
It is recommended to take an additional gram of vitamin C in liposomal form. Especially if we already have respiratory problems so that they are not complicated by a viral or bacterial infection. There are also smokers, since bronchitis or pneumonia can easily develop in their case. Smokers destroy large amounts of vitamin C as it is an antioxidant that controls and neutralizes negative and harmful substances in our body.
Does its lack make us susceptible to infection?
Yes, it doesn’t just affect our respiratory system. Its deficiency is also associated with the development of some tumors. For example, tobacco not only causes respiratory problems but is also directly linked to bladder or pancreatic cancer; some digestive system tumors are closely linked to tobacco, so it’s important to take three antioxidant vitamins: A, C, and E.Even if we eat a lot of citrus fruits, taking one gram of liposomal vitamin C every day, vegetables and other fruits will not hinder
If we talk about vitamin deficiencies, I have to ask you about vitamin D, which now almost everyone takes vitamin D supplements.
We get vitamin D through ultraviolet light, and now that we’re exposed to the sun… Dermatologists warn us about the misuse of vitamin D: The more sunlight you’re exposed to, the greater your risk of skin cancer. But we know that 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight a day is enough to produce the magic of vitamin D. It has been thought to be a hormone that interferes with the immune system; its deficiency favors the emergence of infections, but in fact 50% of Spaniards suffer from this disease. It must be included in food supplements and sunbathing without sunscreen, because if not, it is of no use… This is a common battle between dermatologists and rheumatologists, but they have come to an agreement: every day Going without sunscreen for 15 minutes is ideal for everyone as they help our health and bones.
Are there really foods that act as natural antibiotics?
A good diet, which does not lack fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, meat – because two or three times a week is also absolutely necessary -, nuts, dairy products… In other words, our Mediterranean diet is indispensable Our immune system is at its best. Antibiotic food? On a fruit level, citrus fruits are great for vitamin C. And we know that royal jelly has antibiotic and antiviral effects, so we can think of it as a natural antibiotic, just like pollen or propolis. Yes, we can say that these hive products have antibacterial and antiviral properties.
Are any of your grandmother’s traditional remedies effective? Chicken soup, soup…?
When we have a cold or fever, the hot soup or soup that grandma drinks can warm our body, so I won’t object. But I reject those age-old remedies, a glass of hot milk with a glass of brandy and two aspirin…, I doubt it will cure you, but it won’t leave a hole in your stomach, I absolutely believe that Convinced. Better to replace the brandy with honey.
What plants should I trust once we have a cold?
Those that have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and lowering body temperatures in case we have a fever. Plants such as echinacea, sea buckthorn, and sea buckthorn are great for helping relieve muscle and joint pain and lower body temperature. My advice is to use food supplements containing them along with the antioxidant vitamins C and E; they work wonders during the flu.
Is drinking water effective in fighting the flu?
Yes. In addition to helping our immune system, water is also important for moisturizing the skin and preventing cracks where viruses and bacteria can enter. Be sure to drink water without feeling thirsty. When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. We are 70% water.
lime oil

Calendula oil, a great helper for skin care.

Speaking of skin, at the end of this interview Dr. Gutirrez Serantes emphasized that “it is the largest organ in our defense system and our first barrier against infection,” pointing to shea butter, rose hips, argon and Marigolds were his favorite plant. and enhance its defense. “Of course, do not forget vitamin C,” added the expert, who was the doctor’s protagonist at the opening and closing of this masterclass.

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